14.16 – MU Podcast

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: Hysteria and Paranoia feature heavily on this episode as we look at the history of popular delusions, medieval conspiracy theories, and the watchful eye of big brother. We then introduce a new addition to MU with tales of unseen intruders and the wonders of the dreamatorium. Links Life on Mars: Nasa unveils ambitious plan for human colony Scientists Have Already Built a Prototype Greenhouse for Mars OP observes how Facebook's mobile app served him pest control ads immediately after he started a conversation about pest control If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy The Strange Origins of Urban Legends A Colorful History of Popular Delusions The Great Singapore Penis Panic Winner: The Poo beats The Great one Fietlebaum's Escape Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click HERE. Redditors who spend a lot of time in seclusion (at sea, in the air or out in the wilderness) what's the creepiest or most mysterious thing you've seen, found or experienced? Convoluted Universe Book V African American Wiccan Society My Crackpot Theory: Sugar is a Mind Control Drug Love sugar? Hate what it does to your brain! SASQUATCH MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY VIA SUNBOW Music Hermitude - Ukiyo (TDY Remix) via Pilerats Chrome Sparks - Moonraker via The Ripe Cassian - Feel It via Acid Stag Bodhi - Howler via Lipstick Disco Charles Murdoch - Frogs via Last Gas Station Danny Scrilla - Sundown via XLR8R