(2015-07-02) The Ark of the Covenant versus Dagon

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Summary: Sermon titled "The Ark of the Covenant versus Dagon" given on Thursday July 2, 2015. Size: 5.3 MB; duration: 15:28. The Ark of the Covenant of old was stolen by the Philistines after the impure and sacrilegious priests sons of Heli were killed in battle. The Philistines placed the captured Ark before their god Dagon, who was a sort of merman...half man, half fish. By acting in this way, they were trying to make the Ark approve of their way of thinking, acting and worshiping. Instead Dagon was knocked down, beheaded and his hands were cut off. Dagon easily represents evolution...where man is claimed to have come from the beasts, even the fish of the sea. The false philosophy of evolution is what lies under the recent efforts to change marriage both inside and outside the Church. The Ark, on the other hand, contains the Law of God, most notably the Natural Law written in stone...and is immovable... unchanging. All the efforts, therefore, trying to make the ARK (also symbolic of God�s marriage to man) conform to evolutionary thinking (symbolized by Dagon) will fail miserably as the Philistines show, many of whom died of plagues striking them in their private parts. (cf. 1 Kings/Samuel 5-6).