Episode 14 - Ikon Vodka Martini

The Real Happy Hour show

Summary: In this episode: After a long and difficult show, Eggs locks up, The After-Hours show, Psychological evaluations, Kurts wooden wings, Barry helps out in the control room, Lenny introduces Ikon Vodka, Toast to Rumbaar, Chili Supper Frappr Map, Donner Family recipe book, Just the one hole, Ikon is smooth, CHUD calls Eggs out on TBR, Eggs musical movie review of King Kong, Eggs' messy office, Rock paper scissors, TRHH blathercast, Side effects, Ikon Vodka 3-bottle Give-Away, Barry interviews Felix, Kurt loans money to Maelstrom, Good nosh, Eggs first, Seacrest out, The proper way to end a Real Happy Hour. Ikon Vodka Martini 3 ounces Ikon Vodka splash of Vermouth 1 or 2 olives Ice Pour a splash of vermouth into empty shaker, swish around and pour out. Fill shaker half full of ice. Add 3 ounces of Ikon True Russian Vodka[/url]. Shake lightly, strain into pre-chilled martini glass. Garnish with olives. Get ready for your personal revolution!