Episode 15 - Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum

The Real Happy Hour show

Summary: In this episode: The cast of TRHH is missing, Will Power Cooking, 911 Eggs, Singapore Kurt, Apocalypse Jerry - Black Ops Sports Report in 4 parts, Eggs uses Sam's toothbrush, Kabroon's psychedelic drink description, Toast to Spoon, Sailor Jerry Song, Eunice Agnes Olive yoga, Codependency, Eggs backseat canine salutation, Kurts attempt at nice, Vitamin liquor, News - dangers of educating stupid people, AMD Newcastle Jerry, Opening presents from Mr Fusion, Asinine email, Fanatic voicemail, NPR interview with Yoda, Kurt takes a piss, Dance with the Divine Truth, Shoutouts, Back On Maritime Song. Pin Colada 6 ounces Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum 1 cup diced frozen pineapple 4 ounces fresh pineapple juice 4 ounces Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut 3 cups ice Put ingredients in blender and mix until smooth Jerry and Coke 2 ounces Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum Juice of 1/2 a lime Cola Fill highball glass with ice. Pour Rum, cola and lime juice over ice. Garnish with a wedge