Episode 24 - Tanqueray Rangpur Gin and Tonic

The Real Happy Hour show

Summary: In this episode: CelebCo, WPi FM, Eggs' finest apology ever, Control room AC, Barry arrives, Making Tanqueray Rangpur GandTs, The first real 3-headed coin toss complete with carnage, Finding ways to make the show even harder to do, Dolly and Winston Harold Boyer, Bass Fishing Report - LIVE!, Eggs begins a quest for knowledge, Unbearable wisdom for Kurt, Estry describes The Look, Kurt's only assets, An homage to Merv, The Love Muscle, Black Ops Sports Report - AFY under stress, The Power of Male Potential, Barry's first video News Report, Closing, Listener apologies, Dolly, Spalding and Winsty, The value of the TRHH Forum, A special gift for Harry Potter fans.