JW Show 267: Holiday Songs Galore!

The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit show

Summary: It's time for our most comprehensive independent music holiday special yet! We've got some new submissions, a few gigs to share and then we're off to the races with a show full to the brim with holiday songs! Join us! You can also pop over to our Facebook page to find links to some of the songs and albums featured here so you can download them for yourself and get them into your various holiday playlists! The Playlist Title Album Artist Knees Up Christmas Christmas single Stone Pony Fade (Tired Eyes) Fade (Tired Eyes) single Mary Joanna Thoughts Carbonine Carbonine Should We Go December Big Tree One of a Kind One of a Kind Nathan Sheridan Blueprints Blueprints (single) Austin Tweddle Sport For Kings Sport For Kings (Single, free music feature) Kids on Bridges December December (single) Wooden Arms Blue Christmas Christmas single Joseph Eid Dancing Shoes Dancing Shoes (single) Sam Way Christmas (Not As Much As We Would Like) Christmas (Not As Much As We Would Like) Onions Every Sock Gets a Hole B-sides Tom Rosenthal Last Christmas Christmas single Jazz Morley An Idiot for Christmas Hot Christmas! Hot Breakfast! Trying to Quit Xmas Long Ago Jeremy from Boise This Christmas Day Christmas single Casitas Musical Chairs Christmas single Van Susans Merry Christmas Acoustic Blues Jams Freeky Cleen Christmas Time Christmas single Lonna Marie Winter Song You Will Go Again From Me EP The Mouth of Ghosts Messed Up This Christmas (More Love Goes Into Handmade Gifts) More Love Goes Into Handmade Gifts: a holiday ep Kori Pop Christmas Is Coming Christmas Is Coming – Single Lauren Housley Song for Winter Solstice Maiden, Mother, (Crone) Jordan Reyne Christmas Quiet (Sam de Groot remix) 2012 Tom Rosenthal You Are My December Big Tree Silent Night December Big Tree   Happy Holidays! See you next week! ~JW and CR