JW Show 270: Navid Returns to take Claire’s Job

The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit show

Summary: Claire's put on notice as Planes On Paper's Navid Eliot joins us again, although she brings a bunch of great new songs from the submissions box, so maybe she's still pulling her weight. Maybe. The Playlist Title Album Artist Blood Science Blood Science (single) Affairs A Woman’s Game A Woman’s Game (single) Ella Living in a Dream Single The Revolve Foreverever White Mountains (Final Mixes) Daniel G. Harmann Leave Me Leave Me (single) Skies Where to Exzavier Whitley My Grandfather Could Make The World Dance Auditorium Cotton Tidal Mental Head Valerio Lysander Maybe Tonight Smoking Ghosts Interview with Navid Eliot from Planes On Paper Iron Boat The Ruins Planes On Paper The Ruins The Ruins Planes On Paper The Sun Came Out DemoFest Dayton 2014 Holly Barkem Skyway Drive-In Ladera Shane Alexander Dirty’s What I Like (B-Side) Hamonies with Rob B-side Mark Hole Running Away Beneath the Sky JOANovARC When You Want Me The Art of Loving Jingo   See you next week! ~JW and CR