One Life Left -- s10e13 -- #231 -- Kids from Flame

Resonance FM: Everything show

Summary: WARNING: Simon once again forgets about sound levels and decides to shout "Get out" at a very loud volume fairly early on in this episode. This will be very annoying, so be prepared. Guy Cocker never has to put up with stuff like this. Sorry. But the rest of the show is at a good level for listening to. The quality? Well that's for you to decide. Ste is back for the first show in four weeks and as if to add the pressure we had Simon the intern doing some independent verification on how well we produce a radio show. Luckily we had an excellent Super-Special Guest in Laughing Jackal's Alasdair Evans who spoke about his latest release, the py-rogue-a-like Flame Over, if it has any ghosts in it and what Sony Mobile are like to work for. Ste temporarily changed into being a thesaurus, Ann went overboard with the selfie stick and Simon had a weird emphasis on the word 'spreads'. We also had features from Super Roger World, Sega Badawi and possibly a Super-Special-Secret Contributor! All from the GMA's second-favourite Radio Show or Podcast :( Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Weave Of K - Open Spaces 2. Klamm - Robot Warrior Plus 3. Bitamin - Connected