14x25 : Blue Hand Grenades ( An Audio Commentary of SERENITY )

Square Peg Show show

Summary: Joss Whedon's epic movie from 2005, Serenity, gets the spotlight in our first audio commentary track. That's right, if you've ever wanted to watch Serenity, but wished Mike and Jesse were yakking in your ear throughout it, this is the podcast for you! Expect a few long-ish silences throughout this podcast, which should be okay, because you'll be enjoying the movie along with us, right? And we've included a few sound clips from the movie just to make sure you're synced up right throughout this two-hour podcast. We hope you enjoy, and check back next week for a podcast-as-usual with Episode 26! Until then, be square. DOWNLOAD HERE OR PRESS PLAY: Serenity and Firefly are currently on Netflix. Related Reading: tracking shots Lady Sabre