Inferno Reviewed Part 2 of 2

Read it and Weep show

Summary: The mystery was solved before the book started, the bad guys turn out not to be good, and the plan to destroy the world happens and it's probably for the best. Well, it's not entertaining but at least it's different. The second half of Inferno contains the usual Dan Brown twist. Everything you thought was wrong and nothing is as it seemed. Except in this case, nothing was as INTERESTING as it seemed. The ending is the most incredible Nerf. None of the danger was real, nobody was trying to kill anybody, and nobody actually died. Surprise, it was all a ruse! And in the most startling twist, Langdon solves the mystery and... it's too late. The evil genius won. And the world is better off because of it. What the shit? I mean, it's not all jolly and good. 1/3 of the earth's population is sterile. But really, the only way to react is "huh." So we do. A bunch of times in a row. Enjoy the episode!