The 24 Podcast: Our Review of Season 9, Hour 12, 10p-11p - The Review of Another Worst Day of Jack Bauer's Life

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Summary: This - is the end. Those were the words now more than 4 years ago that concluded THAT end, of the original podcast that reviewed the hit fox show, "24". But here we are - again. Another season - though really only half a season, another wiped out audience, pushed to the edge with excitement intrigue, detail and more Jack than you can shake a stick at - but once again. We watch Jack drift off, this time into the deep blue in a chopper as we "end" - once again, the hit FOX Show, 24. Well - its not a time for sadness, it's yet another time for discussion, review, education and FUN as we educate listeners, viewers and more! Strap yourselves in for more dynamic firearms training talk, for 24 fan talk, for disaster preparation, a discussion of the franchise to date, and education of all situational kinds because its time for The 2GuysTalking 24 Podcast - a complete, detailed, educational and ALWAYS unique review of 24 this time: Season 9 - Episode 12, the 12th and final hour, 10p-11p on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.