Measurement: Best Practices on Turning Insight into Action [WEBINAR REPLAY]

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Summary: Data from social media is useless unless it helps you make positive improvements and decisions that have a measurable impact. Unfortunately, dealing with data is like trying to untangle a knotted mass of chain. Those who are attempting to unravel the chain of data often get caught up in it, preventing clear data and insights from being turned into meaningful action. That’s why it’s crucial to have a good plan and efficient system to help you. Before you can begin to untangle data from social media monitoring, you have to know what you want to achieve. Do you want to learn why customers switch to the competitor or predict what they will purchase next? Only then can you focus monitoring in the areas that will help you get the answers to these questions. Once properly placed data monitoring uncovers the insights, you’ll be able to take action. Data may show that customers who bought a certain product are in the market for the add-on to the item. So why not put the items on the shelf next to each other or offer a coupon for the add-on item with the purchase of the first product? Unraveling data and insights from social media monitoring takes patience and persistence in order to gain valuable insights. Join our panel of experts as we discuss:Defining social media monitoring goals and prospects.Charting an analytics process that will deliver actionable insights.Choosing the best tools for listening, and tracking engagement and activity.Deciding where data and insights are routed and who will take action on them.Measuring the success of marketing campaigns driven by actionable insights.Evaluating and refining your marketing campaign.Sponsored by @Brandwatch   About the Panel: Will McInnes is a senior executive at Brandwatch, a leading social media analytics tech company. With offices in New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Brighton, Brandwatch provides social media monitoring and analytics for global brands including British Airways, Digitas, Whirlpool, Dell, PepsiCo and Monster. Regularly speaking at key industry events, most recently at TEDx, Will is a frequent presence on the world stage speaking to audiences of all sizes. He is a passionate pundit on 21st century business and how the Internet is radically changing our personal behavior, our organizations and our society. His book Culture Shock, published by Wiley in August 2012, describes this emerging revolution. Prior to joining the Brandwatch team, Will was founder and Managing Director of NixonMcInnes, an agency, which provided strategic social media consultancy to major brands across Europe including Barclays, Cisco, First Group, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Telefonica O2, and WWF.@willmcinnes Travis Bernard is a social media analytics and strategy specialist based out of the DC metro area. He currently works on the Audience Development team within AOL's Analytics division, and he helps build brands and drive traffic to AOL's properties through social media. Before his time at AOL, Travis worked on the ad agency side, assisting clients like the National Guard and Walt Disney Studios with social media strategy, research, reporting, and trend analysis. Travis was a speaker at the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference in 2013, and he also writes for Search Engine Watch. In his free time, Travis enjoys seeing live music, traveling, wakeboarding, and reading about emerging technology. @travisbernardSteven Burchett, helped a large beverage company found their digital analytics and insights team in 2012, and led the team in telling the rich story behind the data.  Today he measures the health of several global brands, monitors the reputation of a billion-dollar company, and reports the success of multi-million dollar marketing programs via owned and earned media in social and digital.  Steve also passionately advocates for user experience and teaches the “service mindset” to audiences in three countries.  When not buried