EPISODE281 - Healing Energy Vibrations - TEST1 Energy Vial

Law of Attraction, Switchwords, EFT, etc show

Summary: Kat discussses the Healing Energy Vibrations vial and specifically details information about the origins of it and the TEST1 Energy Vial technique inside it, giving a history and explaining about some of the terms and techniques involved in the TEST1 Energy Vial technique, including Balancing Chakras, Central Nervous System, Energy Meridians, Body Consciousness, Universal Diamond, Sisters of Consciousness, Universal Triad, Universal Sphere, Bodies Affiliated, Chaos Theory, and Orgonite-Pulsars Energy Transmutation to create positive where once there was negative and addresses Inter-Related Possibilities. Learn more about HEV at http://abouthev.blueiris.org Next time we will talk more in-depth about other parts of the Healing Energy Vibrations vial.