Dark Meat 351: Shorter of Breath, and One Day Closer to Death

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Summary: Like many people the host of this show celebrates a personal annual event commemorating his birth. Actually that’s not quite true – the host of this show is neurotic to the extreme about it and normally keeps it a secret. But he’s having a nice week and is feeling expansive. So here is a rare look into Daniel K’s life, through the passive-aggressive medium of songs written by people who never met him. * Joe Jackson – Fifty Dollar Love Affairs – Big World * Lou Christie – Two Faces Have I – 20 Songs Of Lou Christie * David Bowie – Golden Years – ChangesBowie * Kevin Ayers – All This Crazy Gift Of Time – Joy of A Toy * Stan Ridgway – Can’t Complain – Mosquitos * Sparks – All You Ever Think About Is Sex – In Outer Space * Devo – S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) – Duty Now For the Future * The Residents – Birthday Boy – Duck Stab/Buster & Glen The show is sponsored today by iPrint Technologies! Click on the logo now, and login with the name “krause” and the password “daniel” to get mighty fine deals on ink and toner, even printers.