JW Show 224: Claire, Some Music and Me

The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit show

Summary: Claire and I got down and dirty today, digging up some delicious tunes from the stacks and spinning some great new tracks from the likes of Erick Blu, Saints of Bliss, Colours, Andy Muscat and plenty more. This week's Free Music Feature is "All About Falling In Love" by MonaLisa Twins. Grab it up! And don't forget to listen and vote for your favourite Top 10 songs, too.   The Playlist Title Album Artist Take Me Take Me Erick Blu Don’t Hide Your Love Don’t Hide Your Love Saints of Bliss Apathy March In The Dark Anyones Guess The Machine Colours Colours Factory Song – live for One Takes at Main Street Studios One Takes Roaming Herds of Buffalo Do Yourself A Favour Andy Muscat The Old Time Nook Fjokra Fjokra All About Falling In Love When We’re Together MonaLisa Twins Bad, Bad Man Travis Bowlin Travis Bowlin Shoulda Been My Lover Rock And Roll Voodoo Queen Funkyjenn Talk About Drunk Like Bible Times Dear and the Headlights Something Big Prince Charming The B Side Tonight You Belong To Me Prince Charming The B Side White Buffalo Good News Samantha Preis Long Way Down The Best I Can Be EP Bobbie Morrone Never Mind Buying Time Painted Faces Jess McAllister We Belonged More Than Animals Stoney Served Cold Single Van Susans Truck Underdog Blake Noble ft. Cody Beebe Alleyway Out Here Cody Beebe and the Crooks Perpetual Leader Underdog Blake Noble   See you next week with the Roaming Herds of Buffalo interview and we’ll hear from international traveler and podcaster Erk! ~JW and CR