Betting 360 Ep 031: How To Avoid Being Banned

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Summary: Our guest this week on the Betting 360 podcast has a number of years experience in the corporate bookmaking industry. He is also a keen and successful punter so he is in the perfect position to give us some real insight into how to avoid 'red flags' when betting with the corporates. It's a common question - how can I keep my account from getting restricted or banned? Nathan does a great job answering it. Punting Insights You'll Find What kind of a staking level to stay at to avoid getting flagged. The unfortunate reality that successful punters face. How to position yourself to be a client that a bookmaker really wants. Bookmakers' preferences for bet types. Some of the sneakiest ways to avoid getting flagged. Today's Guest: Nathan Nathan's Closing Tip: " When you have a run of success like that, that's a good time to increase your bet size." Get the Transcript: Episode 31 : How to Avoid Being Banned David:     Hi this is David Duffield and welcome to another episode of the Betting 360 podcast.  My special guest today is a veteran of the corporate bookmaking world and he’s also a keen punter, so it’s a really good position to be in to give us some insights into what the corporates are looking at when they’re considering limiting or closing down your account.  One of the biggest battles these days is being able to get on for a reasonable amount for Australian horse racing.  He’ll let us know some of the red flags as to why people’s accounts can be closed or as I said, limited, and give us some pointers on exactly how to avoid that happening so that you’re in it for the long haul so, lets have a chat with Nathan. Hi Nathan and thanks for joining us. Nathan:  No problems Dave. David:     I appreciate you coming on the show.  It’s a common question that I get whether it’s in the office, by email or if I’m out and about, a lot of people are having problems in getting set for what they’d like to.  I thought with your background and experience you could run us through a few of the ways that probably would give you a bit of longevity and stay under the radar.  In terms of staking levels, and we’re primarily talking horsing racing here rather than sports betting, what kind of a staking level can you remain at to make sure your account is unlikely to get flagged? Nathan:  You eventually will get flagged once you’ve won 10,000 dollars or more in profit, but to stay under their radar before then, realistically you want to be betting no more than 80 dollars per bet. David:     When you say 80 dollars a bet that’s obviously the stake.  What about the collect or the return because does it matter if you’re having it on even money shot versus a ten to one shot?  Talk us through that. Nathan:  In terms of return the alarm bells will go off if someone wins 1,000 dollars on a bet, that’s going to raise alarm bells no matter what your staking level is.  If you’re going to place a bet that returns over 1,000 dollars, definitely split it up between different bookmakers.  Each bookmaker will have different levels but 1,000 dollars is the key value for most bookmakers. David:     But the stake amount can be a trigger as well.  Even if you’re having it on a relatively short priced horse, if you’re over that 80 dollars threshold the warning signals can go. Nathan:  Yeah indeed.  Particularly once you get up to 100 dollars you’ll be picked up by everyone.  Every bookmaker will say okay this guy is spending a hundred per bet, they’re going to have a look at your account, and they’ve got business intelligence analysts who will go through and try to identify patterns regardless of your stake levels.  Particularly if you go over 80 dollars, you will get picked up. David:     You’re saying there are people whose sole role at the corporate bookmakers is to identify unprofitable, whether that’s currently unprofitable or likely to be unprofitable, accounts? Nathan:  Yep indeed.