Wings Reviewed

Read it and Weep show

Summary: We've covered it all before on this show. Awkward new girl, love triangle, a human having sex with a magical creature, trolls, faeries, people with outrageous accents, the whole works. I guess a flower growing out of a girl's back that can be pollinated is kinda new, but it's hard to shock us anymore. Wings follows the formula set forth in Twilight: a girl who doesn't know she's beautiful moves to a new town. With the help of two guys who fall in love with her instantly, she goes on a journey of self discovery. In this case the girl is the freak instead of the boy, but that's not a huge twist. It turns out she's a faerie and then, at the very end, some plot shows up. Since we've done this kind of thing so much, we play Marry Boff Kill with other YA fantasy mainstays: vampires, fallen angels, and faeries. We also help people remember to tell their parents if they have plants growing out of their backs.