126 – Mastering Business with Michael Keating & Simon Leslie

The Kickass Life Podcast with David Wood show

Summary: On today’s show David is so excited to be interviewing two amazing people, and friends Michael Keating & Simon Leslie who are calling in from London.  David met them both in Africa when they all climbed Kilimanjaro together.  Michael & Simon brought some of their employees on this amazing once in a lifetime adventure.  Today they will share their experience of climbing Kilimanjaro. They will take about how they started a very successful company called INK. INK is the world’s largest producers of Inflight media, which started with the inflight magazines.  Today Michael and Simon will share with us: Their highlights from climbing Kilimanjaro. How Michael and Simon met in a bar in Beirut and started INK. Finding Exceptional People to work for their company, all over the world. What HappINKness is and how it helped their employees learn more about each other personally and professionally. What you can do to change the culture of your business and sales will go UP. Created a fun environment in the office. The importance of having a great business partner or mentor. Simon and Michael truly believe if you go about things for the right reasons, the rewards are far greater then if you don’t.  Treat people the way you wanted to be treated. They truly live a kickass life and are passionate about freedom and traveling, experiencing the world just as Michael is right now in beautiful Belize at the Mind, Body & Spirit Retreat with David.  Useful links: http://www.ink-global.com