176 – TEDx Speaker Tama Kieves: There is Something More for You

The Kickass Life Podcast with David Wood show

Summary: “You know There’s Something More for You…. Because you are Something More! Today David is interviewing Tama Kieves, Tama is an honors graduate from Harvard Law School, had a prestigious corporate law firm, which was very successful, but she always felt empty and haunted. She realized she needed to take a risk and live her life, most importantly follow her dreams. Tama will share with us: To have it all, but feeling empty How to follow your dreams Being courageous  What it means to LISTEN The importance of doing something you love and find the connection How to trust yourself, to be inspired Having Freedom in life Be good and kind to yourself, don’t judge yourself and let the fears come up, remember you are unstoppable and enjoy your life’s journey! Listen to how alive Tama is, she is amazing and full of life!  Useful links: http://www.tamakieves.com http://www.amazon.ca/This-Time-Dance-Creating-Work/dp/1585425273 http://www.amazon.ca/Inspired-Unstoppable-Wildly-Succeeding-Lifes/dp/1585429295