JW Show 217: The End of Movember. Time for a Break.

The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit show

Summary: It’s the end of Movember (you can still donate here if you like) and the end of the programming year for The Justin Wayne Show. Before we go, we’ve got a bunch of fabulous tunes from New Ancestors, The Passion Flowers, Eric, Amphibic, Prince Perry and plenty more. We'll have lots of gifts for you during the holiday season coming down your podcast stream including the Top Ten of 2013 on which you should vote, news about what we'll be up to in 2014 and plenty more laughs and giggles.   The Playlist Title Album Artist Grey The Bike Ride, Part 1 EP Eric A song you can whistle A song you can whistle The Passion Flowers Go Danger Scene Danger Scene Don’t Feel Sad Daggers New Ancestors Brother Daggers New Ancestors Break in Break Out The Break E.P. Helene Greenwood Half the Universe (is Missing) Amphibic Johnny Cash Fleetwood Road Sessions Amphibic All I Got Here Tomorrow Gone Today Prince Perry Torture Garden Always Follow Your Heart Mark Hole Overexposure Overexposure – Single Harrison Beating Success The Swaps Apollo Thirteen Into Your Atmosphere Seth Freeman Wearing Myself Thin Walking Distance The Old Soles Painted Faces Painted Faces Jess McAllister Factory Song All the Other Animals Skeletons with Flesh on Them Flightless Bird Flightless Bird Scott Barkan Six Feet Under The Centerfolds The Centerfolds Lonely For Some Honesty Rabble Rock Radio Stone Pony Knees Up Christmas Stone Pony Stone Pony Mrs. Santa Claus (radio) The Del Zorros The Del Zorros   Keep your eye on the site! We'll be back in January with the live show, but we'll have lots of extras and gifts coming down the podcast feed. Happy Holidays! Justin, Claire and the JWS Team