Sushrut Jain On His Cricket Inspired Film – Beyond All Boundaries

Kamla Bhatt Show show

Summary: ( Angeles-based filmmaker Sushrut Jain's ( new documentary is inspired by cricket. Cricket and films are his twin passions, and his documentary "Beyond All Boundaries (" is a perfect reflection of his passions. Set against the 2011 Cricket World Cup ( match in India, the film highlights the powerful influence that cricket has on millions of people in India and how it has changed their lives. The documentary traces the lives of 3 very different super fans, who are united in their love for the game. Two of the super fans are cricket players from Mumbai (Bombay), while the third is Sudhir Kumar ( from Bihar, a huge fan of cricket, who travels around the country to show his support to the game. The young man lives almost a monk like existence in his single-minded devotion to the game. Lack of money does not deter him from traveling around the country  and display his devotion to his favorite cricket played Sachin Tendulkar, who just retired from the sports a few days ago. The film shows you a very different picture of India and how cricket has inspired millions of Indians around the country. It is very rare to see a sport-related film on India, and Sushrat Jain does a brilliant job of capturing the other India that we barely get to see in films. We caught up with Sushrat Jain at the 3rd i South Asian International Film Festival in San Francisco and talked about how he switched his jobs and became a filmmaker and what inspired him to make this documentary. Trained as an economist from Stanford University, he worked as a consultant for a few years before he switched his career and became a filmmaker. His first short film was "Andheri (" We also spoke to him about how Kunal Nayyar ( of "The Big Bang Theory," fame teamed up with him to raise money via Kickstarter for "Beyond All Boundaries." The film is currently being shown at various film festivals.