Caught Dumping Garbage on Fort William First Nation

Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Podcasts show

Summary: (click on the title to hear the podcast) Today, Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Citizens Council member Eugene Bannon caught non-Fort William First Nation citizens trying to dump garbage on our community. Listen to his story in this podcast. Fort William First Nation has a bylaw that is supposed to prevent non-community members from dumping any waste on our land. However, the bylaw does not prevent community members from dumping their waste. This not only has resulted in an un-engineered dumpsite called the 'Squaw Bay Road Dump' where waste is burned frequently; it has also created a loop-hole where community members let their friends (or people who pay them) dump garbage on Fort William First Nation for free. By doing this, garbage dumpers avoid paying $5 to dispose of garbage properly at the City of Thunder Bay Landfill, but the health of our community members is being compromised as these wastes are burned in vandal fires at the Squaw Bay Road Dump on a daily basis.