november playlist - keep head mix

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: Hi all, let s go really deep and really dirty, so try to keep your head ! enjoy. playlist : 01 him self her, gone too long feat kieran fowkes, crosstown rebels; 02 matthias wittmann, peregrine falcon, underyourskin records; 03 super flu, jo gurt, mona berry; 04 steffen nehring, mouth of the canal, two birds; 05 ali love, another, crosstown rebels; 06 ben rau, zieglers house, save you records; 07 ted alexander, love walls, stem; 08 mark henning, stash house feat dejan, swing; 09 motor city drum ensemble, send a prayer pt 1, mcde recordings; 10 harvey mc kay, cinnamon kiss, cocoon. minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed