Catfish Hooks [CR EP 14]

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Summary: Catfish Hooks The main segment on catfish hooks starts after the show announcements and introductions. This section starts with two of the biggest mistakes I see anglers make when choosing catfish hooks and what these common mistakes are, how to avoid them, and a quick and simple way to educate yourself on the subject next time you are on the water. Channel Catfish I start with the topic of hooks for channel catfish. I spend the majority of my time fishing for channel catfish with prepared catfish baits like punch baits and dip baits fishing with the Secret Channel Catfish Rig, a slip bobber rig or a slip sinker rig. While I do some fishing for channel catfish with natural baits or “grocery store baits” this is a very small portion of the time so I typically use treble hooks when fishing for channel catfish. I cover some of the key things you should look for in a treble hook including size, material, and the biggest problems you will have when using the wrong size treble hook and also when using the wrong strength treble hook. I also cover the topic of using kahle hooks for channel catfish during this section and the common sizes to use. Blue Catfish Next is the subject of hooks for blue catfish. I cover why I hated circle hooks for catfish for years, what I was doing wrong when fishing with them and how I became a convert to using circle hooks almost exclusively for blue catfish. I cover in depth some of the key features you need to look for in a circle hook, what size circle hooks to use for blue catfish (both big and small) and the biggest mistake most catfishermen make when they are using circle hooks, and how that prevents them from hooking and catching fish. I also go in depth on why I am using and relying on circle hooks so much these days. Last but not least is the topic of kahle hooks again and the brief window in which I use them and why that is, as well as choosing the right hook size when using kahle hooks for blue catfish. Flathead Catfish Last but not least is the topic of catfish hooks for flathead catfish. I cover more of the same information in regards to flathead catfish including the hooks I prefer to use, how to choose the correct size hook for flathead catfish and another alternative hook for flathead catfish you can use as well. In the not too distant future I will be covering some more Q&A on catfish hooks as well as the topic of hooks for setline fishing, and an in depth look at circle hooks and some common myths and misconceptions surrounding them including the myth that you cannot set the hook with a circle hook. We also have some guests coming on the show in the immediate future to discuss these topics and help answer some questions as well!