Allah Made Me Funny // Omair Ali interviews Azeem

- MECCAONE M E D I A / ISLAM / - show

Summary: "Allah Made Me Funny - The Official Muslim Comedy Tour" launched in June 2004 in Washington D.C and according to Moss, the tour embodies a progressive attempt to tackle negative post 9/11 stereotypes about Muslims through the vehicle of comedy. The tour features three of America's best known Muslim comedians including Preacher Moss, the tour's producer and a former writer for George Lopez, Saturday Night Live's Darrel Hammond and Damon Wayans. Moss shares the comedy stage with nationally recognized stand-up comedians Azhar Usman (nicknamed the Ayatollah of Comedy) who is an attorney turned comedian and Azeem, a stand-up comic, activist and founder of Azeem's Kids Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping children who are in foster and juvenile care.