ATP04 - Eli Lederman, Turquoise

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Summary: Eli Lederman, TurquoiseWelcome to episode four of The Algorithmic Trading Podcast, brought to you by Voices in Business and sponsored by Sybase.Today, we feature an exclusive interview with Eli Lederman, Chief Executive Officer of Turquoise, the new pan-European trading platform, in conversation with Gavin Quinn, EMEA Business Development Manager at Sybase and Greg Grimer of Voices in Business.Show notes for this episode:00:14 - Introduction01:12 - What is Turquoise and why does it exist?05:22 - Levelling the playing field #38; removing monopolies08:00nbsp;- The market data environment09:25 - Costs associated with market data10:46 - Differentiated pricing12:40 - Reference data14:45 - Interoperability15:06 - Granularity of tick sizes and decimal places16:30 - Smart order routing18:04 - Communication with customers #38; members22:12 - Evolution of exchanges23:38 -nbsp;Algorithmic tradingnbsp;and exchange convergence25:20 - Fragmentation and operational complexity27:21 - Trade volumes and market share29:14 - Trade reporting #38; CCP status30:34 - Risk/exposurenbsp;issues32:22 - End of interview #38; wrap-upClick here for a full transcript of this episode.We welcome all feedback, so please leave a comment here on the website, call us to leave an audio comment on +44 (0) 20 7193 1295 or send a message to algo@voicesinbusiness.comListen Now:To listen to the podcast right now, click on the player icon below.