01x03 : Shudder-Worthy Robot Woman

Square Peg Show show

Summary: What do Tony Starch, prehistoric piranhas, and a wizard with six boobs have in common? They're all mentioned in The Square Peg Show, Episode 3, with Dave, Jesse, D., and Mike. Join us for the conclusion of the big summer 2010 movie preview as we discuss films coming out in August. Also, at 23:00, we begin another big feature: discussing the top movies at the box office from the 1980s, onwards. Part One has 1980 to 1985, with a little bit on the latter half of the decade. If you want to follow along with the charts being discussed, here's the first one at Box Office Mojo (we only looked at the Top 20 for each year). Also, if you want to download this episode and listen to it on your mobile device, don't forget about the +iTunes link on the left side of this website. We hope you enjoy the show! Intro artist: Joe Esposito PRESS PLAY