01x06 : The Örganic USB Drive of Life

Square Peg Show show

Summary: Hark! Off in the distance. Fast-approaching. Is it an E-Hug for George Clooney? Play-Doh-eating focus groups? Bill Murray and the Wu-Tang Clan? Nah, it's The Square Peg Show, episode 6, with reviews of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at 4:41 (box office woes at 1:30), American Movie at 42:04, The King of Kong at 51:34, and Tron at the hour mark. We're also pre-hashing movies in the theater next month at 11:37, including Machete, The Town, and Devil, and ask when is it too soon for a reboot at 30:50, with next year's X-Men: First Class and more Spider-Man in 2012. Drive angrily towards the blue button below. Intro artist: buy the soundtrack Related Reading: Matthew Vaughn, Bill Murray, Mark Borschadt, James Cameron PRESS PLAY