Star Trek: Dimensions – Episode 1 – “Sacrifice”

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Summary: ( The crew of the Churchill is stranded and alone near the Romulan border after their ship is destroyed in a fierce battle with the Dominion. Though hope ran low, they are rescued by a new and unknown Federation ship and taken to a starbase none of them knew existed. Blamed for the destruction of a Romulan warbird and the creation of a subspace rift in Romulan territory, Captain Frank Reeves and the crew of the Churchill must make the ultimate sacrifice and permanently sever their ties to our Universe. Listen Now DIRECT DOWNLOAD ( [Right Click, Save As] Released: August 19, 2008 // Length: 0:47:27 // Size: 66.4MB Cast and Crew Mark Zaricor as Francis "Frank" Reeves Melissa Johnson as Tara Tarus Trisha Wise as Georgia Harolds April Sadowski as Prixx Jaka Megan Pressley as Elaine Summers Ronnie Rowlands as Charles York Jeff Robinson as William River Michael Liebmann as Justin Gains Giancarlo Danubio as Fred Wormwood Brandon Toress as Walter Fitzgerald Mark Kilfoil as Captain Black Kim Gianopolous as Captain Red Bruce Busby as Captain Green Laura Frechette as the Romulan Captain Anthony Piselli as the Federation Captain Tony Raymond as the Officer Melissa Johnson as the voice of the computer M Siero Garcia, Jules Ismail, Colin Snow, Mark Kilfoil, and Elie Hirchman as the News Anchors. Announcer: Abner Senires Star Trek: Dimensions created by Waleed Ovase and Nick Armstrong Written By Nick Armstrong Audio Engineered by Waleed Ovase Based on Star Trek By Gene Roddenberry; No rights infringement intended Executive Producer for Giant Gnome Productions is Waleed Ovase Theme Music Composed by Kevin Macleod (