Star Trek: Dimensions – Life Before The Mirror – Part 1 – Frank Reeves

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Summary: ( Giant Gnome Productions is proud to announce: Star Trek: Dimensions - Life Before The Mirror - Part One - Frank Reeves Ship's counselor Georgia Harolds is making her rounds with the senior crew.  The invasion of Betazed has left everyone a little shaken - and even the Captain has become something of a recluse.  Georgia begins her journey with the Captain. Listen Now DIRECT DOWNLOAD ( [Right Click, Save As] Released: May 4, 2009 // Length: 00:06:48 // Size: 6.5MB Cast and Crew Mark Zaricor as Francis "Frank" Reeves Trisha Wise as Georgia Harolds Announcer: Abner Senires Star Trek: Dimensions created by Waleed Ovase and Nick Armstrong Written and Audio Engineered By Nick Armstrong Based on Star Trek By Gene Roddenberry; No rights infringement intended Executive Producer for Giant Gnome Productions is Waleed Ovase Theme Music Composed by Kevin Macleod (