Helping the wounded adult child

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: When a child is not parented true to their nature, they grow up as a wounded or repressed adult. In this Better Parenting Episode, Carol talks about what that looks like for each Type—and what you can do about it now! Discover... How to overcome the negative messages you received as a child Which Type is most likely to overeat as an adult. Ways to handle misdirected anger. Messages that can heal your children—even if they're adults. Listen to this episode of the Better Parenting Show for your own inner child. You'll be so glad you did. Carol invites you to call in with your questions during her next live broadcast. Her expert advice and hearfelt support will help you become a conscious, intentional parent that creates a supportive experience for everyone in the family—including parents. Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: Learn more about Carol at