How Do Disabilitites Affect a Person's Energy Type?

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Can you determine the Energy Type of a child with a disability? Absolutely. On The Child Whisperer show today, we're talking about physical and mental disabilities—and how it affects a child's true nature. The information here and in <em>The Child Whisperer</em> can help you more easily parent a child who seemed challenging because of a disability.   Quote of the Day The way a child is parented has more effect on if a child's true nature is expressive in a healthy, balanced way, more than any physical condition.   Caller Questions 1. 1. Should I read The Child Whisperer or It's Just My Nature to profile my adult daughter who functions at a child's level? (Listen at 32:25) 2. Jennifer (TYPE 1 Energy): How do I help my son who just gives up when he gets frustrated? (Listen at 37:56) 3. Jenny (TYPE 4 Energy): Success story with a 7-year-old TYPE 4 son! (Listen at 46:27)   Resources mentioned during the show: The Child Whisperer Facebook page Jon Ronson's TED Talk about psychopaths Free Beauty Profiling Course:   To learn more Read The Child Whisperer Visit