Hearts Broken Open

Podcasts from the Center for Courage & Renewal show

Summary: We're excited to see Parker participating on Facebook.  In a recent update, he wrote: I argue there are two ways for the heart to break: APART into many shards like a fragment grenade, or OPEN into greater capacity so we can hold life’s inevitable tensions creatively, not destructively. Many of us learn how to hold personal tensions in that open, life-giving way. How do we learn? And how can we transfer that “habit of the heart” into our political lives where it is so badly needed? This podcast is again from the 5-CD set from Sounds True, called An Undivided Life: Seeking Wholeness in Ourselves, Our Work & Our World. In it he discusses the "Broken-OPEN heart" and his conviction that the journey toward wholeness almost always involves having your heart broken open.  Download or play podcast: Open Heart {rawcontent rc=18}