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Doug Pagitt Radio show

Summary:   Welcome to Doug Pagitt Radio!   Religious Radio that is not quite right.   Doug Pagitt is one of the nations most creative thinkers on the issues of faith, spirituality, religion, politics and science.   In the show Doug seeks to offers positive, fun, thoughtful conversation on all kinds of topics from news to parenting; politics to natural health; science to movies; finances to faith.   Radio That’s Not Quite Right   This is not a typical religious show – we are fun, fast passed and not mean.   And, it is not politically right. The Show has an IndeDemoCan spirit recognizing that all political perspectives have a point, and those who identify with a political parties do so for reasons that make sense to them. We want to hear from all perspectives.   The program carries a hopeful, optimistic, contrarian and often sassy attitude.    We invite news-makers, thought provokers, and interesting people of all kinds as guests on the show for long-format interview.    The Regulars: Doug Pagitt is the host John Musick is the side-kick and web stream producer Shelley Pagitt is the Natural Health Coach Carla Barnhill is the Advice Giver Tony Jones is the Gadfly Theologian Joseph Edelheit is the Rabbi