12 Springtime Activities for Every Type of Child

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Wondering what to do with the kids now that the weather's warmed up? Make some fun springtime plans with 3 perfect activities for each Type of child. (You can find all 5 activities listed at thesmallfryblog.com. Thanks to Small Fry for sharing The Child Whisperer!) Caller questions: 1. Sarah, Type 2: I'm feeling really worn-down and depleted? What do I do? (Listen at 20:33) 2. Senoi, Type 3: How do I avoid frustration at preschool drop-off? (Listen at 30:19) 3. Megan, Type 4: What do I do when I stop feeling connected to everyone? (plus, a success story about bedtime!) (Listen at 40:01) 4. LaurieKae, Type 1: A Type 3 birthday success story. (Listen at 49:25) Resources mentioned during the show The Zen of Screen Time: How to Help Your Child Find Balance Utah Valley Wellness Center Anne Tuttle Brown's blog   Tune in, call in, or contact To ask your own question, please call in during the next live show. To share an idea for a future episode, please send an email: parenting@liveyourtruth.com To find even more resources for customizing your parenting, visit thechildwhisperer.com/blog