#68 - A Talking Cat!?!

Hodge Podcast show

Summary: David DeCoteau has continued his assault on family films with another talking animal movie, A TALKING CAT!?!, and we're here to give you the lowdown on this mind-bogglingly awful production. Eric Roberts (of Julia's brother fame) provides the voice - sounding suspiciously like he did the voiceover via Skype in about 20 minutes - of a talking cat named Duffy that's a "human whisperer" that brings together two families over their mutual love of website development. It's not as bad as A Christmas Puppy, but there's enough poor excuses for filmmaking found in this movie that we didn't even manage to cover everything in this podcast. But despite it's many, many shortcomings, could A TALKING CAT!?! be worth 90 minutes of your unlimited Netflix streaming? Tune in to find out! Shop at Amazon.com with this link and support our show!