Lou Reads Live – MP3 Version

Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! show

Summary: <br> Hey guys. As you’ll hear on this episode of Lou Reads I had a series of unfortunate events last night &amp; this morning. Lost over an hour of recording &amp; then spilled coffee on all my computer stuff. To hold you over I hope you’ll enjoy this mp3 of the live show I just did. I’ll get right back to recording some stuff as soon as I can! Right now I need a new keyboard. I’m hoping that my mic &amp; MBox Mini2 aren’t coffee soaked junk now. I couldn’t even log in because half the letters in my password weren’t working on the keyboard anymore. *frowny face emoticon*<br> In happier news the podcast as a new sponsor. <a href="http://www.smokewire.com" title="Online Headshop" target="_blank">SMOKEWIRE.COM</a> is a online headshop that is offering listeners of the podcast 15% Off anything in the store thru June 20th, 2012. Just Use the code poca420 when you check out. It’s almost 420! If you don’t have a nice smoking piece then perhaps now is the time to get one!<br> Also a reminder that <a href="http://www.adameve.com/landing.aspx?sc=LOUBNR&amp;oc=ginsu2" title="USE CODE: LOUREADS TO SAVE 50%" target="_blank">Adam &amp; Eve</a> are still offering Lou Reads listeners 50% Off the most expensive item in their cart when they check out using the code:LOUREADS. Its the same great offer. Three free adult DVDs, a Free Gift &amp; Free Shipping plus that heavy discount on almost everything in the store!<br> Support Lou Reads and get yourself a nice bong &amp; dildo combo in one fell swoop! Let me tell you, my mom is so proud of that sentence… <br> Have a great rest of your day, folks!<br> <a href="http://www.adameve.com/landing.aspx?sc=LOUBNR&amp;oc=ginsu2" target="_blank"><br> USE CODE: “LOUREADS” at CHECK OUT TO SAVE!</a><br>