Lou Reads tales of the Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done from Bluelight.ru

Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! show

Summary: <br> Howdy folks. I meant to come to <a href="http://www.bluelight.ru/" title="Blue Light" target="_blank">Bluelight.ru</a> to read trip reports but I got distracted by this gem of a confessional thread entitled <a href="http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/262954-Worst-thing-you-have-ever-done" title="The Worst Thing You Have Ever Done" target="_blank">The Worst Thing You Have Ever Done</a>. I was so taken with its stories that I had to share. <br> Now, you may find it odd that some people considered these events to be the worst things they have ever done. Especially considering that this is posted in a drug use forum. I mean, someone of them are just kids being kids. On the other hand some of these stories are fucked up! Such is the internet. People just gotta share and for that I thank them. Bless your stereotypically described Cheetos-stained fingers. <br> UNRELATED BONUS AUDIO.<br> A friend-of-a-fan commissioned this reading for said fan’s birthday. It was a fun little read and I thought I’d share it with you, too. Of course I waited until the birthday was over. Didn’t want to ruin the surprise after all!<br> <br> <br> <br>