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Summary: <br> Ohhh… that old familiar feeling. You know the one. The feeling you get when you fill up your colon with several gallons of soapy liquid and then you dance around to make sure the water is loosening all your stool. Right! I knew we were talking about the same thing.<br> Now, I’m sure most of you out there are already giving yourself enemas on a daily basis so this will seem boring to you. However, for the uninitiated few I’m sure this will be an eye-opening adventure down a path less travelled. Join me, please, as I guide you through the delights of <a href="http://Enemaplease.com" title="Enema Please. A forum for people who are into Enemas. DUH" target="_blank">Enemaplease.com</a><br> BONUS: Here is the video I made in college about a guy killing people in a hospital. WARNING! THIS VIDEO IS REALLY DUMB!<br> <br> Yes that is me with the cycling cap. The early 90’s were horrible.<br> <br> <br>