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Phoenix Grease Trap Services

Summary: Phoenix Grease Trap Services provides economical and trustworthy grease trap pumping and cleaning services for clients throughout the city. We maintain a fleet of multiple pump trucks for our operations, and we have various sizes in order to accommodate all sorts of grease traps. From smaller traps found in parking garages to high-volume interceptors used in industrial settings, we can handle pumping, cleaning, and servicing any grease traps or grease interceptors that you have. We don't just pump your system out, as we also pressure wash the system until it's clean.

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Phoenix Grease Trap Services offers reliable & affordable grease trap cleaning & pumping services in Phoenix, Arizona. Our fleet of pump trucks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate small grease traps located in parking garages to large high capacity grease interceptors for commercial industries. Our primary services involve cleaning, pumping, and servicing grease traps and grease interceptors. Not only will we pump out your system, we also pressure wash your system clean, document our visit, and dispose of the grease in accordance to the City of Phoenix regulations. We service restaurants, kitchens, manufacturing, and anything with a grease trap or grease interceptor. We are located in Phoenix, AZ & service the entire Maricopa County.


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