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Summary: The Music Educator Podcast is about analyzing, nurturing and discussing what takes place in the music classroom as it relates to 21st-century education. This podcast compliments the educational vision of The Band Buzz Blog which can be found at This educational media is intended for music educators, students, and professional learners.

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 TME Podcast Season 4, Episode 16 Learning the Basics About the Timpani | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:15

The Timpani is an exciting percussion instrument because it can influence the rhythmic ideas of a musical piece as well as contribute to the harmonic and melodic development of it. The drum can play a series of different pitches and today we are going to explore how it is used in the performance setting as we learn about the basics of the Timpani. Additional credit and thanks goes to our friends at MusicProfessor for providing this valuable resource as a source of content.

 TME Podcast Season 4, Episode 15: Music Education - Libraries, Archives and Museums | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:21

In today's episode we will explore all the fascinating resources available to music educators from libraries, archives and museums.  Today's special guest is Nicky Stevens. Nicky Stevens (Interview) Nicky Stevens is an archivist at the Georgia Historical Society (GHS). Prior to joining GHS, she worked as an archivist in Atlanta where she was responsible for corporate, educational, and entertainment heritage collections. 

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 14 Basic Scoring Techniques for the Marching Band Part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:27

The late summer brings a magical time of year when you hear the immortal phrase, "Welcome to Band Camp!" For many music educators and teens this is a special time of year when there is promise of competition, skill development and accomplishment. Regardless, this time of year is a chance to showcase excellence in music making and today we will discuss "Basic Scoring Techniques for the Marching Band."

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 13: Tips for Preparing for a New Student Orientation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:42

A new school year brings a sense of excitement, promise and anticipation. As a result, this special time also brings added anxiety for students, parents, and teachers. Fortunately, schools use the “new student orientation” as a tool to help clear up confusion and avoid any unnecessary panic. In today’s post we are recommending some helpful “Tips for Preparing for a New Student Orientation.”

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 12 Presenting at a Conference with Ms. Anola Douglas | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:52

Today we interviewed Ms. Anola Douglas as she explained her experience presenting at a conference for the first time during CoVid.  Ms. Anola Douglas  Grace E. Metz Middle School Choir Director

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 11 Parent Communication Techniques | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:03

All educators are tasked with communicating with parents at one point or another. Being in sync with your workflow and knowing the appropriate reasons for contacting parents helps the effectiveness of helping foster a child’s development.

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 10 Tips for Practicing Your Instrument | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:22

Have you ever struggled with practicing your instrument? Do you need tips for practicing your instrument? Worry not because today we will discuss some strategies that you maybe overlooking. It is important to understand that one person’s ideal practice session may look quite different from another. Depending on your goals, energy, structure, time allotment, and focus, these elements will determine if you have a satisfying practice session or not.

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 9 Snare Drum Fundamentals | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:15

The Snare Drum is one of the primary and cornerstone percussion instruments in a band. Today we are going to reintroduce and highlight the parts and key aspects of Snare Drum fundamentals. Note, by not having a physical drum in front of you, you will need to take a moment to envision and reflect as though you have one at your fingertips.  However, with your ingenuity it will be easy to make this adjustment! Let’s get started.

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 8 - 7 Variations On The Traditional Rehearsal Method | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:00

Have you ever worked your tail off during a rehearsal and still feel like so much more could have been accomplished? Perhaps it was right after lunch and student engagement was sub-par even with your most in-tune students. Today we are going to discuss “7 Variations on the Traditional Rehearsal Method.” The insights are provided by Ms. Shelly Jagow from her book “Teaching Instrumental Music: Developing the Complete Band Program.”

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 7 A Reflection on "Strategies to Reach Students Who Don't Care" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:28

Today’s Episode reflects on Ms. Sally Utley’s article “Strategies to Reach Students Who Don’t Care" from The Music Crew Blog. Ms. Utley begins by outlining the frustration that she and many other educators encounter when they prepare for an exciting and well-planned out lesson just to have students meet them with disinterest and negative attitudes. Sally Utley The Music Crew Blog - Article Reference -

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 6: Jazz Articulations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:13

Today's topic discusses a variety of jazz articulations and articulation rules. The majority of this book is based on on Mats Holmquist's book, "The General Method: A New Methodology for a Tighter Big Band." I highly recommend this book and suggest you check it out! The General Method A New Methodology for a Tighter Big Band By Mats Holmquist Jamey Aebersold Jazz 

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 5: Why Solfege is a Useful Tool for All Musicians | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 07:53

This episode describes what Solfege is and who should use it. All Musicians. The discussion continues and includes: Where Solfege originated from The purpose of Solfege The benefits of Solfege Personal experience as an instrumental teacher

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 4 Key Elements of Piano Care | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:24

Every degreed music educator has some experience playing a piano. Most students of music have either taken some sort of group piano course or have taken independent private lessons. But what happens after your coursework in college? Does the piano get incorporated into your teaching or does it collect dust and sit in a corner of your music room? In this summarization and discussion we are going to learn more about the "Key Elements of Piano Care" from Dr. Steve Lindeman (

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 3 Embouchure Dystonia | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:14

Today's episode of The Music Educator Podcast is about Embouchure Dystonia. The show covers: What is Embouchure Dystonia Personal Experience Symptoms Mental Health Dos and Don'ts Block Buzzing Literature on the Topic Embouchure Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Guide for Overcoming Embouchure Overuse Syndrome and Traumatic Injuries in Brass Players By Lucinda Lewis Oscar's House Press

 TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 2: How to Create a Music Substitute Binder | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:46

Being able to duplicate the process of  making a substitute binder will allow you to deliver on your organizational teacher aspirations.  Have you ever been caught off-guard with school life and you find yourself in a surprise bind? All of a sudden you have to take a few days off of work due to a broken down car or the kids have come down with a case of the chicken pox. Simply put, the better organized you are the better outcome you can expect from your substitute and students.


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