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Summary: In a world of flourishing technology, absent gods, and some temporal instability, our heroes will rise (or fail forward) to the occasion!Standard Aerei is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcast that aims to bring our tabletop to yours. We supplement the show’s jokes and adventures with quality foley work to emphasize every hit, spell, and disaster the players are involved in.

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Welcome to our new show, Standard Aerei (pronounced “Array”)! We are a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons podcast focused on delivering a weekly show that will give you some laughs, show you some wonderful characters, and possibly tug on your heart strings just a little.CAST & CREW:Stephanie - Dungeon Master Mike - R’ger Billy - Sapalla Hannah - Tia Tony - Shift / Foley Effect Editor Patrick - Hank / Editor Thank you for listening to our show! You can catch up with us on social media by looking for "Fantasy Banjo" on your preferred platform. Join our Discord and chat with fans/cast members. Help grow our show by supporting our Patreon.


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