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Summary: This is a Radio Podcast, we promote individuals, jiujitsu practitioners, athletes, coaches and combat stuff around the country. The podcast is a platform hosted by Mohit Chawla & Ashwin Hoon. We speak to Jiujitsu and Combat Athletes, Coaches, Industry veterans, Training partners, International connections and friends where we discuss everything. Open forum. Long format. Sit back and enjoy. If you do like the content leave a comment below, like, share and subscribe or not. Peace homies Follow us on Instagram @Leverageworks


 Episode 45 with Seth Rosario | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4852

Back after a long hiatus, this episode we speak to Seth Rosario. Seth is one of the most unique guys in the Indian MMA circuit. His blend of styles along with vicious instincts make him a formidable opponent. We discuss how he is getting on in this latest lockdown, we talk about Seth's career and the fight game in India. Everything from his Karate background and how he got started in MMA to the significant moments before, during and after fights. We talk about concussions, his evolution as a Mixed Martial Artist and his future fight plans. It's always a pleasure to train and talk shop with Seth, as he is a quick learner and is always impressive with his technical insight. Stay Safe & Hope you enjoy it!

 Episode 44 with Professor Carl Massaro | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5626

Episode 44 of Leverage radio was possibly our greatest jiu-jitsu lore episode. We speak to Professor Carl Massaro. He is a 3rd degree Renzo Gracie blackbelt and owner of Renzo Gracie Northern Valley. A comrade in arms of John Danaher, Prof Massaro has trained with legends of the sport including Renzo Gracie, George Saint Pierre, Jake Shields, Firas Zahabi Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon and countless others. Unmistakably recognising the power of jiu-jitsu in the mid 90's, Prof. Massaro takes us through his jiu-jitsu journey in New York and trust us it is remarkable. He shares his experiences while in GSP's training camps with Firas Zahabi and John Danaher. We discuss the death squad and the evolution of Jiu-jitsu and leg lock Meta. We basically spoke about everything including Covid and it's impact on jiujitsu, injuries in this game and how to deal, training the right way, the importance of self-study, the right hobbies and his love for knife making. Prof Massaro was an amazing guest and you will hear genuine joy in our voices. Many thanks to him for giving us the time. We hope to see you in India soon 

 Episode 43 with Anshul Jubli | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3573

On this edition of Leverage Radio, we have the one and only King of Lions Anshul Jubli grace us with his presence. Anshul is a driven young man, who has conquered the Indian MMA scene and is sitting atop the MFN mountain as an undefeated and uncrowned champion in the lightweight division. Anshul is humble, hardworking and sincere, with the sole focus on improving his skills and representing India on a world stage. Anshul is coming off a great win over a tough opponent and we discuss what lies ahead for him, his journey and what motivates him. A genuine pleasure to speak with this champion. We wish him nothing but the best for his future and upcoming fights.

 Episode 42 with Ashwin Hoon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3541

This episode at we breakdown Leverage IX. We discuss the matches, key moments and tactics shown in the hands down best display of Jiujitsu skills in India. This episode, we decided to breakdown some of the things we did right and some things we did wrong as we attempt to learn from our mistakes in order to not repeat them moving forward. This episode also breaks down our favourite moments from the event - the good, the bad and the ugly. Since Leverage X prep has begun, we thought this was a great way to announce that all matches from Leverage IX will be going up on youtube & the highlights are coming soon too! Hope you enjoy listening. Oss

 Episode 41 with Mike Murrell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6435

This week on Leverage Radio Ashwin Hoon speaks to his coach and Blackbelt Mike Murrell. A long overdue episode, where we get some insights into the minds of two highly sophisticated grapplers. They breakdown the Danaher Death squad, the evolution of Jiu-jitsu, the merging of the new school and old school, discussions around chess, playing music and how it relates to your Jiu-jitsu. Having all the accomplishments he does, Mike is incredibly humble, insightful and honest with regard to what the right mindset is on your path to a blackbelt.We speak about Mike's time during the pandemic, all the conspiracy stories and possible theories, how it's affected his training, how people were getting by and just the sheer chaos surrounding this phenomenon. Super easy listening, jokes and knowledge bombs aplenty. Always a pleasure listening to him, can't wait to have him here. 

 Episode 40 with Mannan Dattah | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4588

On our final episode for the year, Ashwin and Mohit speak to Mannan Dattah, the Director and Founder of Knockout Fight Club. Knockout Fight Club is one of the largest MMA gym chains in the country with branches all across Delhi & India. A very unique personality of Indian MMA, Mannan believes vehemently in the power of positivity and has a can-do attitude that takes center stage. He is the Hindi colour commentator for Matrix Fight Night and staunch advocate of Self Defence and he does all this in the effort to empower others. We discuss the roles in gyms, the interpersonal dynamics and the mountain of work necessary to grow the sport in India. We struggle with power and internet issues of the real work, and have some behind the scenes moments in this podcast. Thanks to Mannan for coming on and being very candid with everything, we hope to train together soon!

 Episode 39 with Aman Gusain | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3460

10 days out from Leverage IX, Aman Gusain drops in for a chat. Aman is a multiple time jiujitsu champion. Having only trained for about 3 years, Aman has torn through the local and national scene to be established as one of the most exciting young jiujitsu talents in India. Protégé of @warriorscove and @ashwinhoon Aman is a true contender for the Leverage Crown. A young ambitious and driven force, Aman intends to make the most of his opportunity as he looks to make history and be the first undisputed Leverage King. We speak to him about his life and how this young man from Uttarakhand moved away from home to train with some of the best in the country. We talk match ups, strategy and a lot more. Always a pleasure to speak and train with him. The time for talk ends soon. We wish the best for the final days of prep. Oss

 Episode 38 with Rajiv Khati | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7069

On a late night edition of Leverage Radio, we are joined by the evergreen Rajiv Khati. Rajiv is an entrepreneur, a talented musician, a passionate martial artist and is humbly confident in all his endeavours. He has traveled across India in pursuit of unifying the knowledge which exists in the respective regions. Rajiv was a perfect addition to the Leverage Team, to help give the upcoming Pro-Invitational tournament a whole new vibe. In this episode, we speak to Rajiv about the upcoming leverage IX card, we dissect the match-ups (yup every single one), we talk about his experiences training with the best people across India, we go deep into the fake jiu-jitsu promotions and the impact that has on the sport and much more. Rajiv is a great teammate and he has our respect, he manages to seemingly do it all and look so young while doing it! It was a genuine pleasure for us, see you on the mats brother. Oss

 Episode 37 with Tarun Yadav | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4028

The beast in action aka Tarun Yadav joins us on the latest episode of Leverage Radio. Tarun is a seasoned grappler, a multiple time jiu-jitsu champion and a purple belt under Siddharth Singh. Coming from one of the most formidable teams in Indian combat i.e. Crosstrain Fight Club, Tarun is looking forward to Leverage IX and to once again be in the throes of combat. Tarun is highly intelligent, funny and supremely confident in his skills and abilities. He talks about his foray back into competition, the respect and admiration for his coach, his team and some key highlights in his jiu-jitsu journey. We had a great time hosting him on the podcast and wish him the best of luck for his preparation for leverage IX and the future.

 Episode 36 with Tribhuvan Issar | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2580

Our guest this episode is another contender for the LFN IX welterweight crown. We welcome Tribhuvan Issar to the show. Tribhu is an all round fighter who doesn't mince his words and is definitely a dark horse of this tournament. Having trained with some of the best MMA fighters in the country, Tribhu plans to come in hyper conditioned and will certainly be ready to go to the overtime rounds if required. Tribhuvan is soft spoken but supremely confident in his ability to perform under the brightest lights. We wish him the best of luck for his preparation and cannot wait for this showcase. Hope you enjoy!

 Episode 35 with Sunny Khatri | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3120

The enigmatic Sunny Khatri dropped in for a chat. Sunny will be competing at this year's leverage IX. For anyone who doesn't know - Sunny is a straight savage. His passion for combat and combat sports is unmatched. He is an intense competitor and he loves what he does. We speak about his journey in martial arts, his path to training at Bali MMA and the differences between International level coaching and India. We speak at length about being a pro-fighter, the experiences he has had and his long term goals in the sport. A future world champion in the making, Sunny has all the qualities one would need to achieve greatness in this sport. We are really looking forward to watching him compete and wish him all the best for his training camp!

 Episode 34 with Chaitanya Gavali | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3476

This episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Chaitanya Gavali. He is a multiple division MMA Champion & multi-time National grappling champion. He is the Founder of Ultimate Fitness MMA and is a Jiujitsu purple belt. Chaitanya will be competing at this year's leverage tournament and he is relishing the opportunity to showcase his skills. Chaitanya shares with us his path to MMA Gold. We discuss his youth, being bullied and how martial arts helped him overcome his insecurities. We talk about the pressures of the sport and how he has balanced that with his love for teaching and training. We speak about humility, discipline and respect in Martial Arts and the importance of enjoying your training. It was a joy to have him on and we cannot wait to see him compete.

 Episode 33 with Jitendra Khare | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3443

On Leverage Radio this week, we had Jitendra "Vicky" Khare on as our guest. Jitendra is the Head Coach at Team Relentless and is the Founder of  Evolution Fitness & Combat Sports Academy, in Mumbai. Having brought up in a disciplined boarding school environment Jitendra shares with us his Journey through Martial Arts. He talks to us about his motivation for teaching and training, life as a father and family man, the joy he feels for his work and the evolution of MMA in India.  Jitendra is honest, composed and knows what he is doing. He is also a passionate coach and competitor, who possesses an analytical mind necessary for success in this game. We wish him nothing but the best for the future. Oss!

 Episode 32 with Prof. Arun Sharma | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4200

Arun Sharma is India's First and only Jiu jitsu Blackbelt. Arun is a Black Belt under Professor Rodrigo Teixeira. He is certified in BJJ, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, PFS & Shaolin Kung Fu with 14 years of training experience. Arun has also trained various Military & Law Enforcement agencies, having certification from The US, The Philippines, Brazil & China. Arun's path in martial arts is one many of us could relate to. Having suffered through significant trauma as a youth (full story in the podcast), Arun went in search of the tools to help him defend himself for the future. Along the way he developed several skills in armed and unarmed combat. Arun is an avid member of his community wanting to give back, he is very candid about his martial arts philosophies and how he views jiu jitsu as a means for self improvement. He was a fascinating guest to have on the podcast, we hope to see him put on a Gi and compete soon to truly bring the Jiu Jitsu community full circle in India.

 Episode 31 with Prof. Carlos Almeida | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3684

Back with a banger of an episode. After a brief Hiatus we had the privilege of speaking with Professor Carlos Almeida on this edition of Leverage Radio. Professor Carlos is a 3rd degree blackbelt and carries all the wisdom that comes with the territory. He was kind, humble and simply inspirational. We speak to him about his journey through the sport and his life, the struggles from the professional aspect, his competitive philosophies and a whole lot more. Jiu Jitsu is about giving back, to help others and build a community, that is evidenced by the work Prof. Carlos has done and continues to do. Truly an Honour to speak with him. We hope to have him out for some seminars, as soon as he can travel. Oss! P.S - He loves the idea of Heel Hooks in IBJJF


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