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Oklahoma Sooners Postgame

Summary: The postgame podcast covering University of Oklahoma athletics for SoonerScoop.com

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 POSTGAME: 2022's Red & White Game was quite the day for Baker | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:00

It was an incredible day on Owen Field. Not because we finally got to see Dillon Gabriel at QB1 for Oklahoma. Not because Jeff Lebby is a madman that made Gabriel play for both teams or that we could barely keep up with the speed of his offense. It wasn't the fire of Brent Venables who commanded the day with his microphone at midfield. It was the buzz inside the stadium generated from the return of hundreds of former players, some of the best to ever it do it own Owen Field. But at the center of it all was Baker Mayfield, who had his statue placed in Heisman Park and reminded everyone inside the stadium what passion about being a Sooner should mean to all in attendance.

 Bob Stoops' legend grew against Oregon, Josh back from hell (Orlando) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:21:47

On the final day of 2021 we wrap up the Alamo Bowl and a wild ride to the end of the season. Carey, Eddie and Josh are here as Josh recaps his visit to Orlando for the Under Armour All-American practices while Carey and Eddie breakdown the Alamo Bowl win over Oregon and hand out plenty of praise for Cale Gundy and Bob Stoops. Call this an exit interview, therapy, celebration, man crushing on Stoops, whatever you want it. It's probably more therapeutic for the guys just to talk about the madness of the last month. The good part was that it ended better than you could have scripted it, with Bob Stoops reminding us all what was special about Oklahoma. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome; let's get into it Josh wrapping up his trip to Orlando 26:10 - Caleb Williams; what's going to happen? 36:00 - NIL changing college football 43:00 - Alamo Bowl wrap-up

 POSTGAME: OU beats Iowa State. We're happy right? Right? Right....?! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:13

Oklahoma finally gets back in the win column to move to 10-1 with a huge Bedlam showdown coming next weekend. The defense was really good, but the offense looked like the same one we saw in Waco last weekend. What's going on? Is it Lincoln Riley? The Sooners ran the ball really well against Iowa State. But special teams were a letdown for whatever reason. But is that surprising? So many questions coming out of a win. We're trying to be excited to be back in the win column. We're trying. The Big 12 Championship berth is still up in the air though. And it's probably gonna take a win in Stillwater for the Sooners to get there. But at least the chase for the Big 12 didn't end today in Norman.

 POSTGAME: Sooners LOSE!!! What the hell happened?!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:10

Just go listen. We're as defeated as the OU football team is right now. We hash out the problems with this team and the most glaring problems from the day. What needs to be fixed the fastest? Who needs to fix it? Josh and Carey have different takes on the Rattler stuff today. But they can both agree on a lot of other stuff. Eddie joins us later in the show from the road where we continue to work this stuff out. How does this happen after a bye week? Did the OL think the first series was a practice run? What about the future? Does Caleb Williams have a road game problem? Lincoln, what's going on with you? The run game was running and just stopped being used. We didn't coach this team but we'll take the hit for the loss. Also, Gabe Brkic... damn!

 POSTGAME: A win like everyone needed against Texas Tech | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:18

Oklahoma got a huge (finally) win in the Big 12, and a relatively easy one at that thanks to both sides of the ball playing some of their best football of the season. Key Lawrence was a revelation at cornerback and Isaiah Thomas was dominant up front. Justin Broiles and Pat Fields had the last laugh as both picked off Tech passes. And Caleb Williams was fantastic throwing for over 400 yards and 6 TDs. Eddie and Carey talk about the huge nature of this win before the bye week and how helpful that could be moving forward. We also take a sneak peek at Championship November based on the results of the day. Enjoy the win Sooner fans. You've earned it!

 POSTGAME: DAMMIT IT WAS KANSAS!!!!!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:52:32

What a treat! This week's postgame pod is full of the Scoop stars. Josh McCuistion joins Carey and Eddie this week because he had a lot to say about what he saw in Lawrence. Eddie calls in from the KU pressbox where he was actually chastised by the KU staff for making too much noise during the pod. So you know he was fired up. We can't understand this defense. How did we get here? Why has it fallen off so much? Are there any positives out of today? Well, first, OU won, so they remain undefeated. Also Caleb Williams is total clutch and he was awesome when OU needed it. But the secondary has serious issues. And Alex Grinch's seat is getting warm after the way things have started to fall apart on defense. Welcome! We're here to help you make sense of OU's 35-23 win over Kansas.

 POSTGAME: Caleb Williams has changed OU football overnight | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:17

There's is no denying it after a second week, Caleb Williams is Oklahoma's quarterback. This OU offense looks completely different under the direction of Williams. Carey and Eddie break it all down in this edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast. The defense was rough once again, but the bodies are getting thin and it's starting to take it's toll. Billy Bowman wasn't an instant success at cornerback and what could have been a laugher was too close because of TCU's big plays. Nevertheless, OU has Kansas, Texas Tech and a bye week to get healthy. Also, we can't help but notice that Lincoln Riley and Caleb Williams seem to be connecting on the sidelines as the offense continues to look better and better each week. Also, OU has a lot of good receivers. Good for Jadon Haselwood and we're looking forward to seeing more Mike Woods too. Sooners win it 52-31!

 Postgame: An incredible comeback. Lincoln's next QB move is what? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:14:19

It was one of the craziest days of football the OU-Texas rivalry has ever seen. There were huge swings of emotion brought on by big plays, big mistakes and big QB changes. Caleb Williams replaced Spencer Rattler at QB and helped lead the Sooners to victory. The defense was terrible and then awesome. It's difficult to wrap our heads around everything we saw today in Dallas. But we're trying to do just that. Carey and Eddie start things off but we're soon joined by Josh as well. What do we think Lincoln Riley will do moving forward? We know what he should do. But this is a sensitive situation. What a win though. It's like the season just got a massive reboot and we're here for it. It's the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast.

 Postgame: It's never quite what you expect even when it's good | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:48:47

Much like OU's 37-31 win over Kansas State, the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast followed a similar script. Recorded at midnight starting at a gas station just outside of Wichita, Eddie and Carey started recording the pod. It went well, but around 3 a.m. when Carey finally got home, he crashed and failed to finish uploading the pod. Thankfully, he recovered before the day was done and got it uploaded. Alex Grinch is probably mad at us as he was his defense. Like Spencer Rattler, he had a great performance. But sleep, like boneheaded penalties, took it's toll on the victory. Eddie and Carey breakdown what we saw in Manhattan and there was a lot of good. But the defense's inability to get off the field against a hobbled Skylar Thompson was frustrating to watch at times. One thing is sure, OU and Alex Grinch will be happy to never see Skylar Thompson and Deuce Vaughn together again. Also, we did a lot of speeding in our Eskridge Lexus. Don't tell OHP.

 POSTGAME: OU wins 16-13, but tonight will always be Rattler's boo bird game | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:46

Oklahoma never led West Virginia Saturday night on Owen Field until the clock ran out. That's when Gabe Brkic hit a 30-yard field goal to give the Sooners a 16-13 victory over the Mountaineers. But this game will be remembered or something even more memorable. Fans were boo'ing Spencer Rattler. And others started chanting, "We want Caleb" during the game. How Rattler handles this going forward will define his legacy. But he also needs more help from the offensive line and some faith in the run game from his head coach and playcaller, Lincoln Riley. The defense had a very solid night holding WVU to just 226 total yards of offense. Carey and Eddie are here to break it all down and giving their advice to Rattler on how to handle the boo birds moving forward. It's another edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast.

 Postgame: Looking for answers as to why OU can't take it to the next level | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:16:03

Oklahoma beats Nebraska 23-16 today in Norman and everyone feels a different way about it. Heck, everyone on the Scoop staff feels a different way about it. Carey and Eddie start breaking it all down and why the offense and Spencer Rattler can't figure it out. Then we're joined by Josh McCuistion as the discussion turns up a notch. What is good about this team? Who is Spencer Rattler? What is this OU offense? Can it be fixed at this point or are we just waiting on an eventual disaster. Also, we let Josh get involved in some John Mayer discussion since he decided to join us. No recruiting talk tonight. This is just straight postgame podcast goodness as always.

 POSTGAME: We have nothing to complain about but CFB was weird Saturday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:00

This time the game really was over by halftime. Spencer Rattler was great, the defense was dominant, the week leading up to Western Carolina was brutal in practices. OU was so dominant on defense it was like one big nameless, faceless group. Danny Stutsman led the team in tackles. So what do you take out of a dominant performance against an overmatched opponent? All you can do is just keep moving forward and thank the lucky stars you aren't Texas or Iowa State this week. And you seek out that opponent that will help you find your old friend: adversity. And Texas? Seriously? Wow! Also the sun rises in the east and Iowa always beats Iowa State early in the season. Carey also started drinking a big glass of whiskey during this podcast and was probably a bit drunk at the end.

 Postgame: Not what we expected in the opener. OU beats Tulane 40-35 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:10

Oklahoma opened the season Saturday afternoon in Norman. And what looked like a blowout turned into a nail biter. Oklahoma's offense went stale in the second half and the defense gave up enough to make it interesting. We're left scratching our heads to what we saw, what went wrong and what actually worked. We breakdown just about the entire roster and coaching staff in this edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast. OU wins 40-35, but it'll be a week of reflection around here. That's starts now.

 Oklahoma crushes Florida as Sooners set the stage for 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:33

In our final podcast of 2020, we bring you the last Eskridge Lexus podcast of the season. Carey and Eddie broke down what we finally got to see together, a blowout bowl game win over an SEC team. We breakdown the stars of the game, the biggest plays and what this all means going forward. And in some strange way we hopefully are welcoming back a much more normal type of college football in 2021. The Sooners proved in the Cotton Bowl that they will be one of the programs to watch next season. We just need to know what players are still going to be around next season. So enjoy our final installment of the 2020 season and Happy New Year everybody!

 Oklahoma takes home Big 12 Championship | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:53:15

After OU lost to Iowa State and started off their Big 12 Conference season 0-2, no one expected they would get a rematch in the Big 12 Championship game. But that's exactly what happened and the OU defense put up another monster performance up front and forced 3 interceptions out of Brock Purdy. Carey and Eddie breakdown Oklahoma's 27-21 over Iowa State and had out plenty of deserved praise. A bowl game will be announced soon and then the offseason could determine if these Sooners are going to head into 2021 as one of the favorites to win it all next year. The offense stalled, Lincoln Riley got too conservative and the game got close in the end. But the Sooners won it all again and continue marching forward to bigger and better victories in the future.


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