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Summary: For better or worse, The Johnny Dare Morning Show has been waking up Kansas City since 1993. You would think we could find a better show by now! You never know what might happen when Johnny, Jake, Gregg, T-Bone, and Nycki fire-up weekdays from 6 till 10am. Enjoy some of their best bits, parody songs, and recent interviews below.

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 "People are walking through a tough time...and I just want to help!" Country legend Wynonna Judd launches her own CBD line!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 863

Wynonna Judd is a bonafide country music icon First with her mother Naomi as the Judds, racking up numerous multi-platinum albums...and as a platinum selling solo artist...overall releasing 19 number one singles and multiple Grammy, American Music and CMA awards!! Not to mention, here locally, she and her husband Cactus Moser have become a huge part of the annual Thundergong! benefit for  the Steps of Faith Foundation. And now she has launched a line of CBD products at We got the chance to talk to Wynonna and Cactus about the new CBD line, their love of KC and more!! See for privacy information.

 Finding Light in the Darkness: Former SNL star Darrell Hammond talks abuse, loneliness and more. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 889

For 14 years, Darrell Hammond ruled Saturday Night Live with his impressions of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Sean Connery and more...but the entire time, he was battling depression, drug and alcohol abuse and self abuse stemming from a nightmarish childhood. He came out the other side and told his story in his book, "God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked: Tales of Stand-Up, Saturday Night Live, and Other Mind-Altering Mayhem"....and he's refreshingly open about his continued struggles with mental health and his path to sobriety. See for privacy information.

 It's A Wonderfully Weird Wankin' Wednesday Edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1134

Weenie walkin' and the need for a solid safe word were just a couple things we discussed in between giving lucky listeners stuff to stick in their respective holes. Sure, we'll give you something to stick in yer butt...but we're responsible about it!! IT'S THE ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT!!! Brought to you by Moonlight Adult Boutique!!! See for privacy information.

 Battlin' Karens and Naked Pic Sharin'...Crystal Jackson aka Mrs Poindexter is an OnlyFans sensation! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1223

Crystal Jackson was just another 44 yr old mother of three, trying to spice up her love life with her husband by launching an OnlyFans page  featuring her in some tastefully nude pics. But now, she's making headlines because a local Karen lost her shit and waged a war that resulted in Crystal's kids being expelled from their school. Did I mention that Crystal is making upwards of $150,000 A MONTH from her OnlyFans page? We talked to Crystal...and I'm reasonably sure she's gonna be juuuuuust fine. See for privacy information.

 "My Dad didn't believe me at first!" 22 year old Braden Vining becomes the first Kansan recruited for SPACE FORCE!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 778

It was easy to goof on at first....SPACE FORCE? Seriously?? But it's a reality, and by god, it looks like it may be cool!! Which is why were proud to find out that 22 yr old Braden Vining of Valley Center KS has become the first Kansan to be recruited for Space Force!! We caught up with Braden before he headed off to bott camp to get the low down on America's newest branch of the military!! See for privacy information.

 Indianapolis principal Jason Smith gives us the Feel Good Story we ALL need right now! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 583

It seems like the news is just awful pretty much every day...which is why when a feel good story comes to our attention, you gotta point it out. Enter Jason Smith, principal of Stonybrook Intermediate and Middle School on the east side of Indianapolis . When an 8th grade student was sent to Principal Jason Smith's office last week for refusing to take off his hat, Smith asked the natural question: Why not?  “He just let me know his parents got him a haircut recently, but he didn't like how it came out," Smith said. "I'm assuming he just didn't want kids to laugh at him.” Instead of sending the student home, Smith pulled out his phone. He showed the boy photos of his son, whose hair he regularly cuts, and let the boy know he was no novice with a pair of clippers. Smith had been cutting hair for years and used to give his teammates haircuts before their high school and college basketball games. He offered to fix the boy's hairline, the boy and his parents agreed and Smith went home for his clippers.  And that simple case of kindness may change that kid's life. We got Mr. Smith on the phone because, let's face it, we need more good these days. See for privacy information.

 Drinkin' Brews and Makin' News! Cincinnati man's beer diet for Lent is raising money for local servers!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 950

Army vet and Cincinnati brewery owner Del Hall is doin' the lord's work! Over the last few years for Lent, he's given up solid foods, existing on a diet of mostly beer (plus some water, tea and coffee)...and along the way, he's losing weight, lowering his blood pressure and cholesterol....AND raising money for local service industry folks hit hard by the Covid shutdown through Go Fund Me....     See for privacy information.

 "We're going to do what we do!" Charlie Starr and Blackberry Smoke are back with "You Hear Georgia" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1003

After a long year of no live show and very little new music, it's no surprise how excited we were to have our friends in Blackberry Smoke drop a new single, which also happens to be the title track of their upcoming new album, "You Hear Georgia"!! And damned if it doesn't sound like everything you would want from the band!! The album is up for pre-sale here: We talked to frontman Charlie Starr about the new album, upcoming tour plans and much more!! See for privacy information.

 "None of us are islands...and we need each other!" Walton Goggins is back as "The Unicorn"! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 492

Actor Walton Goggins has had quite the varies career...from movies like "House of 1000 Corpses", "Django Unchained" and "Fatman"...and on such shows as "The Righteous Gemstones", "The Shield" and "Vice Principals" ...but these days he's playing one of the most wholesome characters of his career, the widower Wade, on the CBS series "The Unicorn"...which is back for season two!! See for privacy information.

 It's a What The F**k Wednesday edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1304

I ain't gonna lie, shit straight up got kinda weird on the Adult Toy Price Is Right today. I mean...if you wanna jam jelly eggs in yer man's booty, you do you...but, damn. It's THE ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT!! Brought to you by the Moonlight Adult Boutique! See for privacy information.

 "When you get a cast and crew together and keep them together, that's a beautiful thing! Diedrich Bader and "American Housewife" celebrate 100 episodes! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 721

We here on the show love Diedrich Bader. Not just from his work in films like "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Office Space",  or his work on HBO's "Veep" or the ABC series "American Housewife"....but we love him because he may be just as big of a nerd as we are!! We had him on to talk about American Housewife's 100th episode...and we talked about damn near everything but that!! See for privacy information.

 "It's a rolling party!" Jesse James Dupree gears up for Dayton Bike Week 2021! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 810

As the world starts to dip it's collective toes back into real life again, everyone is looking toward that first big taste "normal"....and for some, nothing could be bigger right now than Daytona Bike Week! From March 5th to March 14, Daytona will be celebrating the 80th Anniversary of a great American tradition...And you can got to to get registered for a trip to Bike Week from Worth and Outlaw Harley-Davidson! We got our friend Jesse James Dupree on the phone  to tell us all about the 80th Anniversary of Daytona Bike Week, looking toward Sturgis 2021 and more!! See for privacy information.

 "We all have the human instinct to survive!" Gio Benitez tells victims stories on A&E's "I Survived A Crime" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1214

In these days of cell phone cams, security cameras, Ring doorbells and more, it's getting harder and harder for criminals to get away with things and not be caught on camera. And apart from that, what would YOU do if you were suddenly thrust into a dangerous situation? All of this is explored in the new A&E show, "I Survived A Crime"...and host Gio Benitez stopped by to tell us all about it! See for privacy information.

 "We're still in the woods on this thing, but we'll get through!" Whitesnake's David Coverdale looks beyond Covid and drops "The Blues Album"! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1252

David Coverdale is true rock royalty. From his early days in Deep Purple, to his work with Jimmy Page...not to mention his band, the legendary Whitesnake, Coverdale has carved out a multi-platinum  career. And he's  just released a retrospective walk through the band's bluesier tunes with the new remastered release, "The Blues Album" We got the chance to catch up with the man himself, and as usual, he was everything we could hope he'd be! See for privacy information.

 Could Baron Corbin be the next contender for the WWE Championship? The King dishes on that and more! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1299

This Sunday is the big WWE Elimination Chamber PPV...and the winner will be taking on Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship! And one man that has his eyes on that prize is long time Friend of the Show, local boy and, quite possibly, the greatest heel in WWE history, Baron Corbin!! We got him on the phone to talk the PPV, bloodying his brother for fun and more!! See for privacy information.


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