The Larry and Josey Show show

The Larry and Josey Show

Summary: Welcome to the Larry and Josey show, aka Liz and Jeff. This central Wisconsin couple talk about the latest happenings around the area as well as what is going on in the communtiy. Subjects vary from anything to everything.


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Larry and Josey are back. We talk about where we have been since our last program. We talk about our family, news articles, emails and whatever is on our minds.

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Larry and Joesy talk about the Neillsville Fly-in, A cheap and great breakfast, Do I know you?, Stupid People, Horse Stories, Brain Freezes, Dogs Getting into Things They Should not, Kids, Sneezes and Drinking.

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Welcome to Podcast 01 of the Larry and Josey Show. Come meet Larry and Josey and hear them talk about the happenings around their lives.


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