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 Growing Children and Pansies with Three Brothers Blooms | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:40

If you’re a parent (or a teacher, an aunt or uncle, or simply have children in your life in any way), then you’ll love this podcast. Brenna’s boys help run their flower farm and she’s talking about how her family is incorporated into their business. You’ll hear tips on how to encourage children to dig in (no pun intended!) to flowers as well as their local community. Brenna is also letting us in on a couple of new experiments she’s trying out this year—one of which is a sweet little unappreciated flower: Pansies!

 It Takes a Village with Wildbud Co. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:34:30

What a full conversation we’re having with Cheyenne on this episode! She and Kelly are starting by discussing the ebb and flow of leading and support. We all carry both of these roles and live them out in different seasons of our lives. From the beginning, Cheyenne made her family a priority over her business. She has found so many helpful ways to include family (both hers and others’) in Wildbud Co. She’s chatting all about finding balance in being a mom and a shop owner, including some key things she couldn’t live without for a successful mompreneurship! You’ll also hear conversations on building community around your family and your business, what the “mom” customers are looking for, and ideas for keeping it fresh in a storefront. Cheyenne is also sharing about her journey moving from design studio to storefront—as well as learning the needs of the community and how to meet those needs. Wildbud Co is a floral design studio with storefront space specializing in event, daily blooms, and dry goods. We are tucked into the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and find much of our inspiration from our own backyard. You can find Cheyenne at or on social at @Wildbudco.

 Event Pricing and Processes with An Affair to Remember | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:34

There are many things to consider when you have a business—one of which is whether you should have liability insurance. Perhaps you’re an event florist and have a hard time wrapping your mind around a yearly insurance policy. Meagan is sharing an event by event policy she’s discovered, and Jesse chatting about why insurance is so vital to a business. To change up the conversation a bit, Janine read an article in Florists’ Review about the growing popularity of live plants in the home, and one of the most trendy—kokedama!

 Floral Installations: Pricing and Silks with Bloom Babes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:48:49

Today, Kelly is joined by Emily and Angie from Bloom Babes! These gals are so much fun, and we have no doubt you’ll enjoy learning from them. They’re talking with us about working in a partnership and describing the compromise that comes along with finding their style as one business made of two different preferences. You’ll hear about their booking process—including pricing within the current landscape, but specifically for installations. And they’re big fans of using silk flowers for installations—you’ll hear about that, too! Tune in to find out why and where to source these lasting blooms! Emily and Angie are two best friends who share a love for beautiful blooms and designs. They specialize in floral design for weddings, corporate events, and special occasions. They are are ever-inspired by the sea and strive to always push the boundaries of traditional floral design to create unique designs. Follow them on Instagram at @bloombabes.

 Pricing and Organization Methods with Details Flowers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:29

We are also broaching a hot topic: pricing! You’ll hear how important it is to price your services correctly as well as a few tips on how to do so using the Details Flower Software. We’re chatting about systems for your business, and we’re talking through various organization methods for both studio and home. Corrine Heck is the founder and CEO of Details Flowers Software, a subscription-based floral software service company that streamlines proposals and offers design tools and documentation—all while simplifying the payment process. The Details app captures proprietary information that can direct future growth opportunities from growers and wholesalers alike while benefiting the entire floral supply chain.

 Addressing Imposter Syndrome in the Floral Industry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:36

We’re covering big topics on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. Bonnie Dowie of Bonnie Blooms joins us from Australia to talk about challenges she (and really, all of us?!) have had to address and overcome in the floral industry—namely, determining pricing, keeping up with social media, and the ever-annoying imposter syndrome. This conversation is meaty, so pop in your headphones and prepare yourselves to be seen. You’ll hear loads of encouragement as well. This industry is so special to be a part of, and there’s truly encouragement all around us if we’re willing to look for it. Hear how Bonnie makes the daily decision to persevere, what drives her forward one more step each day, and why being a champion of beauty is so significant. Bonnie creates whimsical, cottage-garden-inspired floral art to help couples celebrate their wedding day. She loves intuitively creating works that speak to who they are as a couple, as well as the gentle, hopeful beauty of nature. She recently ran a few Christmas wreath workshops and was thinking about pursuing more workshops and classes down the track! Find her on Instagram @bonnie_blooms and online

 Tips for Seed Saving with Basket of Flowers Farm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:45

Paula Olivares of Basket of Flowers Farm is such a sweet spirit within the floral industry, and she’s joining us on the Team Flower Podcast today. You’ll love hearing about her journey with flowers, as each step of her journey has impacted her in a special way and brought her to where she is today. She’s sharing all kinds of practical advice for growers in this episode! You’ll hear what types of flowers to grow for a u-pick business model. Plus, Paula is sharing some in-depth knowledge on growing, caring for, and harvesting zinnias. She’s also done her fair share of seed-saving and is walking us through the process for saving all kinds of seeds—celosia, Chinese forget-me-nots, zinnias, and more! Basket of Flowers Farm is a small, family flower farm where they desire to be God’s hands and feet in their community through the abundant beauty of cut flowers that he has created for us all to enjoy! Their focus is in cultivating unique and lush cut flower varieties to offer through their on-the-farm U-Picks, hand-tied bouquet workshops and for any special occasion where store bought flowers just won’t do! Find them online at and on Instagram @basketofflowersfarm.

 Reasons to Freelance as a Designer with Winsome Floral | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:31

Courtney Rees joins us on this episode of the podcast, and it is full of practical advice for life and business! She’s sharing her journey with flowers (which started in Argentina!) and the lessons she’s learned along the way. We’re discussing the vitality of building your ability to be adaptable and flexible. The meat of our discussion centers around freelancing! Courtney is passionate about this topic, and it’s apparent in the way she speaks about it. You’ll hear all about the following: - Why and when you should freelance - Freelance do's and don't's - Having realistic expectations as a freelancer - The necessity of a willingness to learn Courtney is the lead designer for Winsome Floral, a floral studio based in Princeton, NJ. Courtney absolutely loves combining her love of travel and flowers, and always looks to the seasonality and location of a wedding to inspire her work. She is most recently excited about developing her 1:1 mentorship programs as well as some group collaborative workshops with flower friends! Find her online at and on Instagram @winsome_floral.

 Intentionally Creative Design with Floraltique | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:10

Stephanie Howard of Floraltique joins us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast to discuss what it means to design with creative intention. She has a beautiful perspective of floral design as an art form, and she’s walking us through the steps designers can take to look at each arrangement as an opportunity to create art. Plus, you’ll hear why she believes everyone should try designing with only 1 to 2 ingredients. We’re also chatting about the difference between a business model of working for an ideal client versus one serving various types of clients and incorporating more of a creative process. Stephanie has done both and is explaining why she enjoys one better than the other! She’s also sharing her client intake process—including some of the best questions to ask clients. This conversation is full of practical nuggets for designers of all kinds! You’ll be both inspired and challenged in our own creative floral design! Floraltique is a wedding and events floral design company that focuses on intentional and seasonal designs. They just launched a new avenue of home and business subscriptions as well! Find them online at and on Instagram @floraltique.

 Bravery + Sustainability with TJ McGrath | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:41

TJ McGrath joins us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. He began his floral career taking a big leap away from the corporate world into the floral industry. After working for other floral designers for many years, he began his own business! He’s talking about each of these transitions—from corporate to floral design and then from working for others to starting a business—and all of the challenges and emotions that came with each. You’ll hear how he’s deciding what direction his business can and will take. We’re chatting about sustainability, as this is a major passion point for TJ. He’s giving us a broad definition of what sustainable floristry is and all of the aspects it includes. There is much that goes into a sustainable floral business, and TJ is giving many practical examples of how you could take steps to make your floral business more sustainable as well. Finally, we all know that keeping one’s business organized is vital to efficiency and success. But sometimes, this is difficult to do—especially for those who are a one man or woman show. If that’s you, you’re in good company! TJ is sharing a few tips for keeping organized when you’re going solo. You can find TJ online at or on Instagram @tjmcgrathdesign.

 Sustainability: Understanding Your Market with Tobey Nelson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:23

Tobey and her team at Tobey Nelson Events are wedding specialists! They focus on sustainable floristry, as they primarily source locally grown flowers and never use floral foam. Recently she’s been featured as a “Slow Flowers Hero” in Slow Flowers Review by Debra Prinzing, and Tobey’s botanical couture creation from this February’s Fleurs De Villes was featured in July edition of Florist Review Magazine. @tobeynelsonevents

 The Details of Sustainable Flower Farming with Little Farmhouse Flowers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:38:56

We have the incredible honor of speaking with Linda D'Arco of Little Farmhouse Flowers in Jay, NY on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. Linda is an advocate for sustainability in the floral industry. She has worked hard to ensure her flower farm and design business maintains a low carbon footprint, and she continues to look for ways to run her business in a way that benefits this planet we call home. We’re getting into the nitty gritty details in this episode. Linda is sharing a long list of resources she’s found helpful in her journey to sustainable flowering (you can find those listed and linked below). She’s sharing about weed block, mulching, dealing with animals and insects, clean up and compost, sourcing seeds and bulbs, and so much more! Little Farmhouse Flowers is a small, woman-owned design studio with its own flower farm in the Adirondack Park in New York State. Linda D’Arco is the owner and lead designer who enjoys the power of nature through the lens of flowers. Sustainability is at the core of their mission to provide their discerning clients with fresh, unique, locally grown flowers. In 2019 Linda was named one of 4 US Founding Ambassadors to the International Sustainable Floristry Network! You can find her on Instagram @littlefarmhouseflowers or online at

 Flowers and Your Mental Health with The Flora Club | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:29

On the podcast today is someone very dear to the Team Flower family—Jacelyn Bolton of The Flora Club. Jacelyn began her floral career as a wedding and event florist and made her way through the years growing her business and her family! (Plus, she used to work on the Team Flower team as our social media guru!) We’re focusing on the importance of one’s mental health when it comes to owning and running a business. Life has a way of taking a toll, and sometimes pausing your business and making a pivot is just the remedy you need. Jacelyn has experienced this firsthand and is humbly and graciously sharing her heart through it all. Whether you’re in a valley or on a mountaintop or somewhere in between, you’re bound to be encouraged by this conversation. You’ll also hear about her venture into growing flowers! There’s something new and big on the horizon for The Flora Club that was all born out of a year of struggle. The Flora Club is a flower farm and design studio in Central California! They have been designing for weddings along the coast of California for 8 years and are now transitioning into flower farming! Jacelyn is also introducing mentoring/education opportunities into her business in 2023! Her Instagram handle is @thefloraclub and her website is

 Tackling Tasks in the Off-Season of Flower Farming with Village Flower Farm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:39

There are a lot of conversations out there about growing flowers. And rightly so! That’s the meat of flower farming. But what happens before and after the growing season? That’s exactly what Jan of Village Flower Farm is here to chat about. We’re digging in (no pun intended) to various tasks that have to be taken care of in the “off-season.” You’ll hear tips and details on the following: digging dahlias amending beds planting bulbs prepping for next season Jan loves the planning process when it comes to flower farming, and she’s chatting about a unique but highly functional way of thinking through what to grow and when. Tune in to discover what that might be! Village Flower Farm is a boutique flower farm and design studio in Ontario. They focus on growing unique varieties of cut flowers and are deeply inspired by the natural rhythm of the seasons. They operate their on-farm flower shop during the growing months, offering fresh flowers and other artisan pieces. They also host workshops giving their customers a chance to connect to the world of flowers and farming.A milestone Jan is very proud of is being chosen as one of Florists Review's "35 under 35." Find her on Instagram @village.flowerfarm and online at

 Investing in Yourself with Mahina + Soul | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:10

It isn’t uncommon for us to chat with a podcast guest and feel like we’ve made a new friend, but Ashley and Emily are something extra special. They have hearts that embrace all that you are, and you can tell. I’ll bet each of their clients would agree, as they truly take every effort to understand the recipients of their flowers in a way that makes them feel known and seen. They have a beautifully unique vision for their flower shop. They source all of their gift items from local artists, they are champions for women-owned businesses, and they even have coffee and tea + couches in their shop for customers to stop and stay a while. What a way to bring in the community! We’re chatting about some of the logistics of running a business, like delivering flowers (hint: use and which flowers to keep in the shop versus which flowers to use for weddings and events. Plus, they’re sharing the top 5 things they believe are money best spent on their business. Finally, Ashley and Emily are discussing the importance of investing in yourself. It is one thing to invest in your business, but investing in yourself will do wonders for the success of the things you put your hand to. We are Ashley Singh + Emily Pennington the owners of Mahina + Soul a floral studio with retail. We offer flowers, and various gift items such as candles, cards, jewelry, wreaths and much more. We are celebrating our storefronts grand opening its been one month. Find them on Instagram @mahinaandsoul or online at


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