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Summary: American Soccer Analysis is a new weekly podcast that covers Major League Soccer and the US Men's National Team from a numbers perspective. Hosts Harrison Crow, Matthias Kullowatz, and Drew Olsen believe that soccer is best understood not by fat old men in smoky rooms, but by fat young men staring at Excel spreadsheets. The guys bring an enthusiasm, statistical acumen, and deep understanding of the game that can be rivaled only by the likes of Gus Johnson, Simon Borg, and John Harkes.

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 2021.E8 - Discussing the National Team | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello World!The ASA Pod has once again as promise returned! But in such epic fashion as has never before been seen. This episode boasts a grand total of 179 minutes, nearly 3 hours, of beautiful audio content. All discussing National Teams and the United States Men’s National Team to be specific. A grand conversations on sample size, squad selections and data as well as much much MUCH more were had. A big thank you to both, the wonderful and deep thinking Bobby Warshaw as well as consummate professional tactical nerd, Joseph Lowery who each gave such a considerable amount of their valuable time to talk with Harrison Crow in respective segments for this episode.We have more long form episodes we’re working on over the next few months which we hope will follow consecutive month releases. We are targeting Thursday specifically as our release days. As mentioned at the end of the podcasts the amount of time that went into planning and producing these podcast were significant. A big thanks to Ian, Drew Olsen, Jamon Moore, Sean Steffen, Harrison Crow and Simon Thwaits for their respective help in getting this off the ground as well as the many other ASA Staff who were bugged, poked and variously surveyed for their thoughts and feedback.As always, we do this not for ourselves but for the community and as such we expect that you do your part and give us feedback. Hit us up on our contacts page. Tell us what you don’t like or, be a weirdo, tell us the cool things you do like. I know no one on the internet does positive constructive feedback or encouragement but we should do love it! We thank you for listening and, as Ian always says, enjoy the soccer!

 2021.E7 - Addressing the mysteries of Goals Added | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Folks, we’re back. This time with some smarty pants folks. One of the ASA founders and all around smart guy Matthias Kullowatz drops by to do some high level discussions of G+. Additionally we have Jamon Moore who hangs out and helps facilitate hosting duties in Ian’s stead. We appreciate all those that sent DM’s or public messages to help facilitate questions and general discussion. This won’t be the last time we dissect things and talk about our player model but this was a good start. As always you get us on twitter at @harrison_crow, @mattyanselmo and @jmoorequakes

 2021.E6 - MLS Cryptonomics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Harrison (@harrison_crow) and Ian (@ahandleforian) offer up some takes on the newest cryptocurrency which is being lauded by multiple MLS players. They let it be known that they each (and producer Simon too) are willing to do any advertisements for money! Oh, they also talk some soccer and even a bit of European Football.Intro: Let’s Go Get the Goal - Don’t Kick the BabyOutro: Black Sheep - The Clash at Demonhead

 2021.E5 - Strange DC takes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Harrison (@harrison_crow) and Ian (@ahandleforian) take on some of the burning questions that exist in the back of your mind. Such what the heck is happening statistically between Nashville, NYC and Sporting. The two then suddenly have a barrage of DC takes because… who knew? There is also some random dunking on Gio Savarese. Enjoy!Intro: Let’s Go Get the Goal - Don’t Kick the BabyOutro: Fruitless - Bridal Party

 2021.E4 - Catching Back-up | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Harrison (@harrison_crow) and Ian (@ahandleforian) catch back up on some of the items they’ve missed from their mini break. Seems like these San Jose folks are good, maybe Vancouver too? What is the drama in Atlanta and Columbus? We talk about it plus other things in the G+ realm. Tune in! Intro: Let’s Go Get the Goal - Don’t Kick the BabyThe Cat Came Back - Tex Morgan

 2021.E3 - Week One Take Away's and the Frankie Amaya trade | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Harrison (@harrison_crow) and Ian (@ahandleforian) must address the elephant in the room and talk gasp Euro soccer (sorry, Drew). Then review the week one events of Major League Soccer as it pertains to them while also highlighting some numbers and various statistical narratives from the week. The guys then break down some of their thoughts on the Frankie Amaya trade. Intro: Let’s Go Get the Goal - Don’t Kick the BabyOutro: そのいのち - Kaho Nakamura

 2021.E2 - ASA MLS Preview, Part 2: Western Conference | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Not one but two Podcasts this week as this is part 2 of our MLS 2021 between Harrison (@harrison_crow) and Ian (@ahandleforian) as they discuss the Western Conference. Intro: Let’s Go Get the Goal - Don’t Kick the Baby Outro: Break my Fall - Doc Robinson

 2021.E1 - ASA MLS Preview, Part 1: Eastern Conference | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Part 1 of our MLS 2021 Preview with Harrison (@harrison_crow) and Ian (@ahandleforian) covers the Eastern Conference by our vary own and unique power ranking system, enjoy!Intro Let’s Go Get the Goal - Dont’ Kick the Baby Outro: Only Home I’ve Ever Known - The California Honeydrops

 2020.E2 - Nine Months Later | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I would use some catchy “we’re back!” title but I feel like I’ve used that a lot over the last few years. Honestly more than anything I simply want to thank all of those that have reached out and encouraged us to come back. Getting back in the chair and chatting about this league is a lot of fun and is a wonderful distraction everything going on both in the world and even in our little soccer community. We took some time out to talk about our time away from the podcast and how it’s been coming back. What this season looks like compared to other years and why we may have even missed some opportunities in looking at performance in isolation due to the regional play. We also took time to bemoan, complain and whine about why Matt Turner didn’t win the Goal Keeper of the Year but also took time to acknowledge that picking awards is actually pretty hard. Then we complain more.We even had a few takes on these early rounds and why the playoffs are probably more important this year than it has been the last few seasons. There are plans to come back and do more of these in the coming weeks to include some interviews and bringing on other guys from ASA that are doing more of the heavy lifting. As before you can reach me on e-mail at You can also hit either of us up on twitter at harrison_crow or ahandleforian.

 2020.E1 - We Made It. 2020, Baby! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It’s our first podcast of the year and we start it off talking about … well, a lot of things and yet it’s kind of a lot of nothing. Major League Soccer has some new Designated Players, Miami and Nashville both have actual players now on their team but there is still work to be done with most teams including those playing CCL in about a month. The hold up? We are still waiting for much of the details for the 2020 season to be finalized with the CBA and we talk about how that will probably impact TAM and signing players through it’s respective mechanism. If you have a question or want to propose a topic for our podcast this year, use the #AskASAPod on twitter or hit us up on the email. Intro Music: Let's Go Get The Goal (MLS) - Don't Kick The BabyOutro Music: Anitra’s Basement Tapes - The Coup

 2019.E25 - Token MLS Cup Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We sat down and talked about this upcoming MLS Cup game because… well everyone else is doing it. Specifically we talk about an episode that we didn’t release because A) we recorded it late and B) it wasn’t super relevant after the Sounders and Toronto knocked off the respective favorites in each conference final. Of course, we review some of the various details of what we might have gotten wrong about Seattle and Toronto as well as what was specifically very right, how it’s good to focus on what we got wrong and generally just talk about things that distract us from the topics we had initially set out to discuss.We’ll be back after MLS Cup but … it’ll be a bit here and there going forward so, stay tuned!Intro Music: Let's Go Get The Goal (MLS) - Don't Kick The BabyOutro Music: Elvis in the Freezer - Ratboys

 2019.E23 - Drew Left Us The Keys | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We finally got around to recording a podcast and mostly did it because Drew’s out of office this week and we are unsupervised children running around the (virtual) office in our underwear like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Now with that visual in your head. We discuss a whole array of topics covering the Western Conference, Eastern Conference, teams Harrison got wrong and teams Ian got right. We discuss coaches being fired. We also discuss awards and how much they suck and who should get them to make them suck less. We will return to you, the listener, and your questions in the coming weeks. So keep sending us your questions. Use the twitter hash tag #AskASAPod. Live it, love it, use it! You can hit us up on the old e-mail in the contact us page too!Intro Music: Let's Go Get The Goal (MLS) - Don't Kick The BabyOutro Music - Nothing Else - Nomand the Chong (feat Jax Anderson)

 2019.E22 - Discussing Analytics with Sean Davis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

RBNY midfielder Sean Davis joins Ian and Drew to discuss the burgeoning field of analytics from a player's perspective.

 2019.E21 - Having Mauro Manotas vs. eight million dollars | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Is LAFC still good??? It’s these types of tantalizing topics that are always explored and quickly answered on this podcast. The team does discuss Mason Toye and his career projection and wrap up some of the more interesting issues left over from last weekend, such as when will the Galaxy ever defend again? Things change gears as the team also looks into why Houston would keep Mauro Mantos over having eight million dollars in transfer fees. We of course also hit the listener questions. Which, say, are you sending us questions? Are you using the twitter hash tag? #AskASAPod. Live it, love it, use it! Or hit us up on the old e-mail we’re listed in the contact us page. Intro Music: Let's Go Get The Goal (MLS) - Don't Kick The BabyOutro Music: In The Fog, In the Flame - Bec Sandridge

 2019.E20 - Atlanta Finally Won Something (Again) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It’s not every week that we talk about Atlanta winning a trophy. Just twice this month, to Ian’s absolute delight! The team break down some of the various particulars of the US Open Cup final and some of what went wrong for Minnesota as well as what went right for Atlanta.The conversation is then turned to the review of LAFC-LA Galaxy and the possibility of a playoff match up as well as the outlook of the Western Conference. Could Zlatan have enough at the end to lift LA Galaxy past LAFC? How much are LAFC favorites out of the west and what does the new playoff system favor? What are some better playoff methods?Lastly, the podcast team dives headlong into the top of the Eastern Conference and specifically chat about why Philadelphia isn’t considered more by the media as a possible 1 seed out of the East. They come back around to Atlanta and also talk about why NYCFC is the most favored by our model and why it might slightly be discounting Atlanta.As always we take listener questions and discuss a few closing topics including one that we tuck away for this off-season. If you have a question or want to propose a topic for our podcast in the future use the #AskASAPod on twitter or hit us up on the email. Intro Music: Let's Go Get The Goal (MLS) - Don't Kick The BabyOutro Music: Hi Ho - The War and Treaty


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