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Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci

Summary: Johnny Cirucci giving you the REAL news you need to fight the hidden power of the Machine.

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 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci for Sunday, 07 July 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* GENDERCIDE: the purposeful destruction of the United States military by TRAITORS pushing women and gays into the military. * Culture war, gender did it all start? * Two-Card Monte: Demonrats Reptilicans * Can women be heroic? * Hollywood creating the myth; “She can kick your @ss!” What they’ve done outrageously wrong, but what they have also gotten right. * Johnny’s take on comic book movies. * Barack Obama returns to the seat of satan. * Vladimir Putin vs. Barry Sotero...not even close. * The murder of John F. Kennedy in broad daylight ushered in the Age of the Shadow Hand: the CIA. * al CIAeda: but who is pulling who’s strings??? * Should we pray for our leaders? How about someone else’s leader??? * A Palestinian sympathizer wants Israel to invade Syria...really??? * Born on the 4th of it time to RE-Declare our Independence???

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci for Monday, 22 April 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* BLOODSUCKER GUN GRAB: Demo-rat gun-grabbers lead by Dirty Harry Reid shelve efforts...temporarily. * Mafia Joe “Plugs” Biden promises to act unilaterally to take your guns WITHOUT Congress. ENJOY YOUR KING, AMERICA! * Mental “health”: the new tactic for taking your guns from you. * GUN’s already happening in the People’s Republic of Mexipornia (tell me you can’t guess what state that is). * “Google”: the official search engine of the New World Order. * More pubic school gun hysteria. THIS IS AN OVERT AGENDA TO CONDITION YOUR CHILDREN TO MINDLESSLY FEAR GUNS. * New World Order wolves in Tea Party sheep’s clothing: Marco Terdo Rubio and Jan “Barry Is My Buddy” Brewer. * PMS NBC’s Morning Schmo: the place to go when you want to put out propaganda for satan’s coming one world state (Stanley the sodomite-lover McChrystal). * Shocking quote from Charles Krauthammer. * Reptilican Congressman Mike Rogers has a TEN BILLION DOLLAR investment in sneaking CISPA in under the radar. * Johnny gives you the breakdown on the Boston Bombing after his EXHAUSTIVE report. * What is a “false flag”? Johnny explains and gives you some very disturbing examples from what you THOUGHT was trustworthy history. * Is it possible that Saudi Arabia is calling the shots on American policy? * Brewer and Rubio revisited. * Is the CIA really behind the Boston Bombing? They sure are behind Islamist “terror”.

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci, Saturday, 13 April 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* The Machine wants your guns, but what does the 2nd Amendment REALLY say? * The National Guard is NOT a “citizen militia” and here’s why. * Soldiers are “dumb, stupid animals” to be used by Luciferians to make money for them and make the New World Order possible. * Background checks...the kind that happen right before a confiscation. * The Reptilican Gang of 16 making “gun control” possible for their Demonrat friends: you can pick between the Pervert/Treason Party, or the Pervert/Treason Enabler Party. * Ruling Elites rail-roading treason (because they can’t get it passed any other way). * Gun confiscation has already begun in NY and the Toomey betrayal will guarantee the same nation-wide! * Remington helps NY screw gun owners because they got PAID. * “Pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.” * The Toomey/Manchin tag-team get “help” from Obama-TV (PMS-NBC) and al C.I.A.EDA’s Adam Gadahn a.k.a. Adam Pearlman * Orwellian slips from Michael Moore and Mafia Joe “the Hairpiece” Biden. * What does Jesus say about “gun control”? The answer may surprise you. * Florida school brain-washes 4th graders “I will give up my Constitutional rights to be ‘safer’.” * Missouri state cops gave citizen gun data to the Obama Machine...TWICE. * Johnny interviews one cop who’s shaking up the nation by building the most professional citizen militia of all time.

 Radio Free America for Wednesday 10 April 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* Commie-wood’s propaganda jesters for the Luciferian New World Order; Johnny’s got the REAL reason behind Jim “the Canadian Worm” Carrey’s mocking legend Charlton Heston. * Satan’s whore: the mummified prostitute that calls herself “Madonna” wants your little boy victimized by sodomites...the Machine won’t stop until you are a naked, victimized slave at every level. * Happy Easter from Google to Cesar Chavez! * Both Catholic and Protestant leaders pushing America towards totalitarianism. * District of Corruption Group-Think will bring down ANY representative and the tide is pushing for a MASSIVE paradigm shift. * Will the new pope be the LAST pope? Is there a connection between Pope Francis and the stars? * North Korea: our new boogeyman! REALLY! * What is the abortion debate REALLY about? The answer may disturb you deeply. * A satanic machine is pushing hard to destroy the family and PMS-NBC is it’s official news channel. * You children aren’t yours, they belong to “the collective” and they will be properly indoctrinated for you.

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci, 24 March 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* Carney Point Carnage: family RAIDED because picture of son on Facebook with a firearm found by bureaucrat! * KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Do NOT have mindless obedience to ANYONE regardless of what their authority seems. * Sequester Sophistry: are targeted military cuts designed to purge the ranks of those who would disobey unlawful orders? * The natural state of the Godless Left: malignant envy-driven nanny-state Nazis. * The death of America in a two minute clip: female cop-ette illegally beats down dumb-@sses for “reality TV” entertainment. * Barack HuSatan Obama: he is their god! Newsweek hails the “Second Coming” of the Manchurian Messiah of Mystery. * “Obama’s alien Secret Service guard”: is this freak proof that hybrids are protecting The One? * Do ridiculous Obama gaffes prove that the Manchurian Messiah has no soul—the perfect organic portal for unclean spirits? * Johnny breaks down the Biblical proof of demon possession and engineered organic portals—what today we provide as “clones”! * The banksters have crossed the Rubicon. MULTIPLE European states being robbed directly from their savings accounts. * Our “victory” on the Feinstein “assault weapon” over-reach is the anesthesia before HUNDREDS of other pieces of legislation. * They WANT you to fire the first shot so that you can get Waco’ed. * Johnny preps you for a future report on how to REALLY fight the Machine.

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci, 19 March 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* Glenn Beck, is he a freedom fighter or a pretender? Mocking “truthers” will tell you which. * No one in public office has the courage to stand against the Manchurian Messiah of Mystery. * Save yourself! Be warned that mindless reliance upon technology is a TRAP...a “web”. * Feminism Fail! Females wearing badges and uniforms are not doing as well as men. * Disciplined, principled thinkers TERRIFY the Machine—which is why you are attacked constantly with filth. * The making of a mass shooting: Aurora theater suspect OK’d to be given mind-altering drugs...(again). * Public education run by, without exaggeration, actual Communists who HATE America and her Judeao/Christians values. * Communism: the government of choice for Luciferian globalists...Communists have murdered MILLIONS. * If the Soviet Union is dead, who is behind the Communists? You may be shocked, and chilled, by the answer. * Barack Hussein Obama: the perfect empty, vapid puppet of pure evil. * Obama has become a royal dictator and America is already beyond your recognition. * The Shot Heard ‘Round the World: Euro-trash globalists LOOT Cyprian bank accounts as “bailouts”. * They want you dead: the Luciferian agenda to kill you, either slow or fast...IS REAL.

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci, 16 March 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* Sequestration Sophistry: military suspending tuition assistance to soldiers while Demonrats give illegals in-state tuition in CO. * Barry XIV and Michelle Antoinette not bothered, either...they are partying like it’s 1999. Is it time for a French Revolution? * An astounding accusation about the Manchurian Messiah of Mystery: is he trying to imitate Jesus Christ in symbolism? * Zionist plant? Obama loves Israel the way OJ loved Nicole. * Barack HuSatan Obama’s shadow government is a vicious joke on the American people. * Barack Obama is the god of the he yours? * Is Obama the anti-Christ? * Rome has a new pope! Is HE the anti-Christ?! * What does the wide-spread rape of little boys tell us about the Vatican and her policies? * The CIA agent Catholic priest who founded the Legion of Christ: a serial child predator who abused his own flesh and blood. * What Rome and Washington DC have in common: ancient pagan landmark symbolism! * I like the new pope, but was he chosen to enable this frightening heresy of deception...? * Capitalism verses Corporate Cronyism: the Libtard kids of Occupy Wallstreet just might have a point. * If you think Feinstein’s outrageous gun-grabbing over-reach is dead, think again.

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci, 09 MAR 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* True “journalist” Ben Swann focuses on the Drone Executioner and Luciferian Ghoul John Brennan. * Give the Reptilican Machine power and we stroll towards Perdition, give to the Demonrats and we run! * The CIA isn’t manipulating the media, they ARE the media (in key positions). * Things that go bump in the woods may be more malignant than you think. * EVERYONE has an angle...EVERYONE has a prejudice or a bias...the only question is, are they honest about it? * What is big, hairy, scary and comes from another dimension (and shall remain nameless for this reason)...??? * Homeland IN-Security gunning up is waking up some mainstream old school “conservatives”. * Sequester Sophistry: for DARING to tell Corruptocrats to rein in suicidal spending YOU will suffer! * Despite budget cuts, military suck-ups to the New World Order would rather lose big money than allow you to reload spent brass. * Pubic school anti-gun hysteria: is there a hidden agenda behind women principles going Nazi over boys being boys? * Clive Owen—Reptilian music industry billionaire—is squarely behind Justin Bieber. * Satanists want your children to be lust-driven, mindless slaves and the media pushing porn proves it. * Who is fact-checking the “fact-checkers”? Proof that the paragons of objectivity are just another Machine propaganda mill!

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci, 23 FEB 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

* The government targets veterans—VA turning them in, getting them SWAT’ed to take their guns away. * The historical agenda behind disarming Americans and the Ruling Elites who are pushing it. * Bush family connected to President Reagan’s shooter. * Homeland Security and Law Enforcement gunning up to take you down. * Military and Law Enforcement leadership are filled with traitors. * There’s a homosexual in the White House. * Where do Communists go? —To university to indoctrinate your children, of course! * The agenda to sodomize your little boy pushed by a satanic Ruling Class. * Obama and Holder turning Christian family in to have their children taken away. * A mole (or, rather, a troll) was placed in the 9/11 Commission. * Feudal society is the goal of those pulling the strings...but what is “the Praetorian Class”??? * Spineless military made Benghazi treason possible. Is it time for a military coup??? * The key to success in life—be able to look yourself in the mirror. * A Tribute to Clint Eastwood.

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci for 06 OCT 2012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:38

Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci for 06 OCT 2012

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci for 29 Sept. 2012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:29

Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci for 29 Sept. 2012

 Radio Free America for 23 September 2012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:38

Radio Free America for 23 September 2012

 Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci 08 September 2012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:40

Radio Free America with Johnny Cirucci 08 September 2012


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