A Cloud Over Danville show

A Cloud Over Danville

Summary: In 1917, Frank Papalio was a young second-gerneration Italian struggling to keep the coke embers lit and his cabin warm while barely making a living working for a company that produced coke by burning coal in fiery dome brick ovens near a smoke-shrouded hamlet nestled along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Follow Frank's adventures as he encounters a seemingly endless procession of obstacles he and his sweetheart, Maria, overcome while prusuing their dream of escaping Danville.````An ominous cloud loomed over Danville, however, not a cloud created by the coke ovens, but a cloud of complex origin, a cloud that would not leave. www.johnstuchell.com



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Toadeye says:

Great Audio Book!: This story captured my attention - I couldn't wait to get the next audio book chapter to hear what happened next. And, watch out James Earl Jones, the resonance of John Stuchell's soothing voice caries you through the story in style.